THe Singularity, Mehran Khan Khan (3D)


Title: THe Singularity
Name: Mehran Khan Khan
Country: Pakistan
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi Everybody,
this here is a bot that I finished sometimes back… Modelling was done over a very long period of time due to lack luster conceptart. the Idea originally was to do a rather simple hard body modelling work. But I got one of test renders into photoshop, did some tweaking, and came up with what you see here… I hope everyone likes it. A lot of hardwork went into making this.


Awesome chracter…Gives me the feeling of a super hero…

Really brave model…Good work Mehran
Keep up it up…:buttrock:


The robot has a nice design! Like the textuing too. Nice touch with the background!


sweet. Does have that “I’ve been around…” superhero work…gritty and much more realistic than what we typically see in the comics.


very nice work :thumbsup:


and 5 * from me, very strong and effective model & composition


nice work :thumbsup:


Really strong piece. Nice pose&lighting…

His arms look a bit distracting though… As if they were floating in air :shrug:


HUH! This metal guy looks danger.:slight_smile: I rather be friend with him then to opose to him. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Great work.
I also like ambient… Poluted or desert maybe? Never mind it looks active. Like something happned over there… like he stand in the middle of something. I like this!!! :buttrock:


REALLY KOOL!! Its kinda like the robots of star wars! 5*s from Brasil!


very great work, justa little piece of crit, may try some differnt texture, it looks the same all the way, i mean different parts can have different textures, may be its just me, anyhow, love the lightining, good to see a pakistani’s here also


Neat! :thumbsup:

there are some edges that could’ve been modeled a bit accurate, like the one on its head and around those little triangles on his arms…Also the texture symmetry on the robot couldve been changed a bit, that would have added sumthing more to it.

But probably you have your reasons to keep them that way :slight_smile:


Yes, I really like the work too. The texture looks great and I also like the background. Maybe a dint or ding in him would look good. Great work. The lighting is also very good. Keep it up.


Cool job, love design and textures a lot, keep it :thumbsup:


4 stars !!, 24 votes !!,
thank you so much everyone… it’s really an honor for a noob of my status to be rated this high…once again thnx to everyone who has shown there appreciaiton and love for the piece…
As far as the critiques go;
aap ko to pata he hai phir… car modelling to ke nahein hai hard body modelling kahaan se aye gee…kheir first hard body model hai , concept art screwed hua wa thha aur khatam kanree ka dil bhi nahein kar raha thha…magar texturing stage par pahaunch lar kafee achha lgney laga to socha muka dein…
you are right about the monotony in the texturing, some dfferent color tones might have helped. I was under a very tight time constraint to finish the texturing, since I was doing almost everything, had veery little time to actually play around with a lot of colors.
Besides this bot is modellid completely(not just the bust) hope fully I will have enough time to post some other pics of this guy (ASPA)… So to sum it up thee is much more to this guy than just what you see here… there are bad parts and there a couple of good parts…
hopefully I will make something much better next time…
thanx again for appreciating it


a noob? well sir, you’re deffinatelly not a noob :slight_smile: that’s some great style and expression that u don’t usually see in other robots [like mine :)] simply love his face - so simple, yet so powerful!


heh… no actually I am a noob. a pro would have done this much faster…and much better, like better texturing…aND STUFF…


Well done, just one criticism, the bar under the shoulder is a bite too fine. it look not very solid.


Very, very menacing look. I dig. I hope you show us the rest of the bot someday.


Very nice work. What I wanted to say has been said by others already. 5* work :wink: