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I’m the daugther of a unknow father my mother don’t know either. Every times I shed a tear, a snake go out of my mouth. My mother abandoned me because of the of the troubles it caused at my childhood village. Since she left me to a violent drunkard, I don’t care she is treated as a witch. This savage guy earns one’s living by making me mourn face to surprised spetactors who join the the bottom of this gloomy dead end just to see my pains!

Your opinion !?!


This is a story! Never mind :slight_smile:
This is a good idea but you should start working…:thumbsup:


Hey Nicool this sounds like one of the Charcaters from that movie with puppets, but she has leeches come out of her mouth. Still a cool Idea though!!



eYadNesS : sure it is just the concept… I’ve to start yes :scream:
Lordrych : I don’t know this movie, would you give me the title if you remind.:wavey:


Hi Nicool, don’t make us wait! :wink:


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