The Sideshow - Charactere - Pikmin


I delete my last threat , and make a new one(because of the topic).

So, my character has two big balls. Here the drawing.


And, I also did some 3D today, so I begin the modeling.


The sketch look like batman style drawing…
Cool :slight_smile:


Hi, sorry if im late. :slight_smile:

Yeah , the drwing has a batman style, but not the modeling, maybe because of the level of detail.

I did some modeling and try some fun stuff for the rendering. I have a lot of work to do , but here my wip.

Good luck to everyone! Work hard!

copy paste de link on your explorer


Don’t know about the image bit - perhaps you could try linking to it, instead of the img function…

Your render looks great tho!:eek:

(I copy pasted from properties)

I have one crit though: I’d texture his, um, deformity, the same as his trousers. I think there is something to be said - humour wise, for sublety. Plus there is the whole pain factor…

Good job, tho!:thumbsup:


Looks great… Literally :smiley: Good job!


image bit? what that?

Thx for comment. If some body could help me to find a way to show my image on the forum, i would be happy.

At least i can show this :slight_smile:


Nice work man :thumbsup: , very cool…


looks great - this is a poor guy hahaha



lookd great in 3d, plus the pose is helping it a alot! Its disturbing but hillarious at the same time. Nice render as well. Keep the updates coming!




Dude that is totally fly man…can’t wait to see this all textured up very nice…I love his attitude awesome well done!



Hey thx. That encourage me to continue :).

Ill try to update soon, but I dont want to show to much, before the end (but i think I already did :shame: )





Rofl, that is so gross…

ummm what did you use as a ref? :scream:



No ref, just a drawing.


great stuff pikmin…Me and you are going to have a very similar character here at the end of the contest. Ive only posted my drawing but same skinny guy and clothes… Yours is looking great so far though… keep it up


I hope not to much :surprised


WOW! well done!..i like the render mood too!:beer:


render in max. Just a sky light and a spot :slight_smile: , so nothing very special, but I like the result too :slight_smile:



new balls