The Sideshow- character - the_hand


I have some free time on my hands, thought I’ll join in as well.

Introducing The Beast. Sold to the circus as a child out of superstition by his parents due to his beastly appearance, The Beast has no other name then The Beast. Brought up his entire life chained to a steel cage, the Beast knows nothing but human cruelty. Fully grown it stands more than 7 feet tall and weighs well over 1000 pounds.


Oh, neat, looking good! By the way, I really enjoyed your Game Icon… Will be interesting to see where this one goes.


Y E Z Z ! ! ! :buttrock:


Well, don’t take it bad Marc, I love the model so far, but I really don’t find the idea original : it’s just a big dude, nothing as imaginative as some other concepts (sasquatch, oz,…) You could find a better idea and still keeping what you have done so far. Anyway, I like the head.


Joebount- I appreciate the sentiments. Its so hard to come up with original ideas this days anyway. My personal objective for this challenge is to try to evoke a feeling from the audience with the final image that I’ve already have in mind. Stay tuned for further updates, its still too early to make up your mind since its only the head.


great work, that head is looking really good…seems like he’s going to be too heavy 1000pounds! also i think the ears are a little flat…

reminds of this guy.


stallion151- part of it is probably due to the simple lighting setup I have, so its difficult to see some of the details and ridges in the ears. But I’ll still go back and tweak the ears some.


H U G E !:eek:


Latest update. Should start texturing phase next.


Realy nice work. :thumbsup:

But I don’t think the legs suit him that well :shrug:
A question of taste I guess.


great stuff …:slight_smile: but i do kinda agree with the legs , right now looks like you tried to hurry them on , but i’m sure you are far from finished … your work has a natural flow to it and i know in the end will look:thumbsup:

oh … and he needs a bigger “package”:scream:


Amazing model, love the arms! But, yeah they’re right about the legs. The distance between the belly and where the legs begin should be bigger. Hehe in other words, yeah, bigger package! :slight_smile:


Really a massive model…u are damn quix!!ARGH!..:thumbsup:


damn … what a monster … he make me fear … great model and very fast :slight_smile: there is a little bit work on the leg and the feets to small in my eyes :beer:


Massive! :surprised

The legs, yes, it looks somehow like they have been squashed along the Y-axis… So, it would be pretty easy to fix then :slight_smile:


Nice work :thumbsup: , could you post your wireframe :)…


BladeFX- I know his legs are not really in proportion to the rest of his body lengthwise, but it is my intention to give him a very gorilla like body to heighten his beastly appearance.

pigwater- proportions wise I am quite happy with the legs, the only areas I am not happy with are the muscle definitions. And I have since given a bigger “package” :stuck_out_tongue:

Pttr- you’re right about the groin being a little to close to the navel area, I have adjusted that to make it more natural. But I’d still like to maintain a very squat appearance for him, which is why I have given him very short powerful legs.

-OZ- there’s still quite a lot of stuff that I won’t to do, hopefully I’ll be able to meet the deadline.

swag- I have readjusted the feet to make it longer lengthwise

JamesMK- it is my intention to give very short powerful legs

eYadNesS- here’s the wireframe.


Here’s a view of the back.

BTW, I really appreciate all you guys who took the time to give me your inputs, thanks.


Hey dude you do the most gorgeous work, I can’t wait to see where this character is going…Puts some chains on him and make him really dirty with long ratty hair, he has lots of potential!!



i like the short legs but refine the muscles - is this a result of girl + Silver Back Gorilla