The Sideshow- character - swag


hi to all sideshow freaks :slight_smile:
ok here is a little description:
You all know the women in Thailand with the long necks? giraffe neck women - they get some metal rings around the neck in childhood and from age to age they get some more so they get a very long neck a giraffe neck ok its not funny cause its true and today tourists attraction and i think its stuff for a sideshow in 1840-1900

so i hope in the next days to show u a concept


nice idea
but I think I had read a thread talking about the same idea ,I am not sure … any way good luck


ok i find it i miss this post i did only a search for giraffe neck women but he is going to model a african style woman with rings not the thai giraffe neck woman

hmmm i think in the end there a more characters looks similar but iam not happy with this i thought i was originally


Good luck man…i will check from time to time to see what u will make :wavey:


Hi Swag…:wavey:

      Nice to see you enter,I can always look forward to your creations being both interesting and fun.I'll do as Dimi will...................check up on you and look forward to what you have in store.Good luck,and have fun.:beer:


DimitrisLiatsos & Virtuoso - thanks - i hope to see ur entrys here too :slight_smile:


here is a concept


It’s just nopt freaky enough,too real World.Done intentionally,not a freak of nature as most carnival freaks.I don’t know just my thought.:beer:


too plane, this is based int eh 30’s back then alot of side shwo freaks had trumendus amount so of tattoos, put her in some sort of skimpy alfit and give her a full body tattoo


Jackmars - this is real world no freak here :slight_smile: in 1900 padaung girls were sideshow characters -

ok you dont like it? have a go for a new one?


It can work, although I would go a little more crazy with the freak factor


i want start modeling so someone can tell me if the concept be worth while or i have to do a complete new one - iam not clear about it - Thanks


I really can’t tell if you should go with it or not - personally I think it’s not freaky enough, but I’m in no position to judge that… I assume you like the concept of neckrings and so on, so maybe you could simply add some deformity to the other parts of her body. :shrug:


I like this one, but i would just exagerate the ring issue by having not only the neck done with rings but other parts of the body too.
Whatever takes your fancy!!
Maybe she could stretch like dhalsim


ok thanks for comments i go for it and there comes more rings some on the legs and arms like the real padaung one :slight_smile: :beer:

-Bluemilk- the link didnt work for me but thanks


Swag I think that in this day and age a character such as this is more common place,mostly due to the fact the the World as a whole has become a more freaky place. With the media of today we are able to see things far and wide.While in the time frame of 1840-1940 this was no where near as simple to see other cultures and other ways of life.

       If you think of this character in the period of 1840-1940 she would be far more freaky in that time period,also depending on the place of the freak show,the culture differences, she could be regarded as a freak in a freak show.

       I think the suggestion of [b]dhalsim[/b] by [b]Bluemilk[/b]is a very good one.It could add more spice and creativity to your character.Also [b]JamesMK[/b] suggestion of adding more deformity is a good one.Possibly more rings around the legs,arms even waist to streatch these as well.Even freakier.Also this can give you the chance for some [b]Contortionist[/b] positions for the character,also some good rigging tests for you with all kinds of bends and twists of the body.

       Here's a simple shot of dhalsim.................


       Ok on with the freak show Swag.................:thumbsup: :beer:


-Virtuoso- thanks
ok iam late i will begin modeling today :slight_smile:


start with the head


good to see you at it again swag. not much to say yet, but what you’ve got so far looks good :thumbsup:

looking forward to see more :beer:


Nice start,
keep it coming :thumbsup: