The Sideshow - Character - Pyroman941


The Sideshow - Character - Pyroman941


Well I have decided to enter even though it is kind of late to do so. I am going to create a long armed character to either stand at the opening gate of the show or to be right in the middle of a show walking around as a sort of ape man.

I will post my sketches at little bit of a later time. Beginning modeling right away.


sorry for not posting anything but the place where I usually am able to place images for free not expects people to pay so I have been struggling to find some way to post. I have been working the whole time though and the character is modeled and all I have to do is rig and pose the character then render it.

I will post a lot of pics in the next two days if everything goes right. I have saves from every step of the way so you will get to see everything as it was made.


Here was the initial design. I decided to alter it and give him the mind of a child so I gave him a bonnet, bib, and extremely large lolly pop in the later versions. I also gave him some eye socket deformaty.


The 1st part I got done was just a simple cage. not much just trying to get the quads right at first.


back view of the cage


the second step that I made was to start the arms to get the general shape. I know that they are not long like my concept but I am going to change that later.


sorry here it is


back part


Then I added the legs to the model.


side view of the model with the legs.


with the feet.


with the shirt.


The start of the pants. It basically shows my method of modeling which is mostly all in splines. The only things that were box modeled on this model are the arms and hands. Everything else is splines.


the finished pants are really simple and are just mirrored over.


Here is half of the face that I made for the model.


The face is finished here but the detail of making it asymetrical I have not done yet.


here is the full character with the clothes but I haven’t stretched the arms yet.


Character with stretched arms.


This is mostly the full character I just have to rig it up and pose it.