The Sideshow-character-Pokey Tomas


This looks like its gonna be a fun one! My character is going to be a knife throwing freak named Pokey Tomas. Basically hes one of the guys you see at the circus throwing knives, but unlike most folk, he was born with six arms and no feet, so his manipulation skills are way above normal, but do to the lack of feet, he has been permanently attached to a unicycle. The last catch is that he likes to store his knives in his own body(stabbing them into his arms, back, calves, etc) It makes him feel closer to the weapons that are his lively hood, but leaves his body covered in scars, that mysteriously close with little time or effort.

gonna start the sketching and modeling imediatly…

unrealated/related question…do any of you guys have trouble posting hosted pics? Every time i hit the little img button and point it towards the url i get nothin on the actual thread.



nevermind on the pic posting problem, figured it out…


got some work done on the characters head last night, still got a long way to go…

i want to implant to knives under the scalp on each side like devil horns, and make it look like peacock feathers have been implanted into the crown of the head.

this contest is lookin, no doubt theres gonna be all sorts of cool results from everybody!


Good start. I like that expressive sort of action-modeling going on here.


Hey James,
Thanks man, glad your diggin on the model!
Put some more work in last night, x’ed the hat, and added some feathers, poked through the scalp, the body, and some of the knives.


Whoa! I think I love it already. That’s some wild modeling, man… Glad you dropped the hat - I was going to make some remark about it, but it seems you beat me to it yourself.

Just remember, it’s the model that’s supposed to be freaky, not necessarily the modeler :wink:


Thanks James, you know what they say, “theres alittle bit of you in all that you create” Yeah, i wasnt feelin the hat either, i think the change was definetly a good one. Gonna try and kick out some more stuff for this guy this weekend. Everybody feel free to coment or question, I love hearing what you all have to say, no worries ive got thick skin.


Wow cool, nice style :slight_smile:


:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
hahah! I love the swords going through the body, and the mustache! Keep the updates coming!



Hey everybody!
Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you all like it so far. Started on his unicycle tonight, and got some work done with the hands, its 2 am here so im hitting the hay, but ill try to get pics up soon!
you guys rock


just saw this thread (can’t believe I haven’t seen it before) and it’s allready one of my favorites in this competition.

I’ts quite an original style, and I’d love to see a wire :buttrock:

Good work :thumbsup:


hey again,
glad you all are enjoying this as much as i am working on him. I did a bunch of work this weekend, hands, legs, more knives, changed up his proportions a bit…well rather than talk ill just show you…
things are a little clustered but i think textures will def help with that.

here ya go…



Excellent! Nuff said. Have to give you an official eek: :eek:


WOOOOOHOOOOOO! FANTASTIC!!! YEZZ!..i like it a lot and more!!:beer: Ya rox man!


Sooo good modelling :thumbsup: It hurts to see those nails and knifes though :eek:



Thanx everybody! :beer:

put in about three hours last night, got the head all mapped out and textured, gonna try and get the pants done soon, Ill post images once its alittle further along.

theres some seriously good lookin stuff in this comp, the end gallery is gonna be awesome!


howdy howdy,

Got the head laidout and textured…heres some pics, comments welcome…


Hmm… Very colourful and imaginative! But, to be honest (don’t freak out now) the textures don’t do your model justice.

The feathers/darts in his head look great, but the other bits feel somehow out of place, somewhat… Maybe that old saying “less is more” could be applied here.

Don’t take this the wrong way though. I really like your model a lot - and maybe it’s just my personal taste that bothers me… Maybe others have more positive feedback - - -

But the eightball in his eyesocket is great! Keep it just like that.

So far:

MODEL - :beer: :applause:

TEXTURES - :hmm:



ha ha, just kidding, yeah i got kinda a weird texture style, i think its alittle more akin to game art(my profession) than the normal highpoly texture artists, but i also think that the entire model texured will make more sence than just the head…kinda like the whole finished work will flesh out(literally, ha ha) the design…we shall see…thanks for the input though, and im glad you dig on the eye, ha ha, thought yall would like that touch…


Originally posted by dreadling

Oh no! Dang, I knew it!

But hey, I see your points. We obviously come from different places here. I’ll just sit tight and wait for the whole thing to unfold, and indeed flesh out. Looking forward to it, for sure :thumbsup: