The Sideshow - Character - Mr Mark


hey everyone, school has been keeping me real busy lately, but ill give this one a go, i think i am getting rusty, may as well polish my skills up a bit. lots of emotion in this topic i think.

ill think up a concept and then hit you all with it soon. might get my mate to help me with the concept, he is a nutter. hes in year 11 with me and is easily the best artist in the school.

ideas running through my head : wings, eyes, questioning vanity etc

i want to change my avatar but the file size restrictions have become so ridiculousā€¦


i have become rusty, i need polishing

anyone got any ideas how i can return to previous skill quick smart

*@#$&@#$ING school, distracting me

ARRRRRGGH!:scream: :scream: :thumbsdow


here is my character after 45 mins

he was born with no diffuse map on his eyes, he cannot breath speak eat taste hear see or do anything which might be slightly fun

his name is DAG

just kidding
im just fiddling around trying to get my skill back


very niceā€¦


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