The Sideshow- character - matty2x4


Well I am going to give this a go,
Not sure if I will find time to finish.
Just watched Legend and had some insperation not to mention the book I am reading. I am hopeing to build a character to use in my show reel and figured this guy would have a pretty interesting skellyton for animating.
here are the prelim sketches

back soon


Ok, thanks for all the C&Cs ha ha ha
Here is what I am going for…

I am working on the pose in my sketch book, but the 3-d has started

any c/c welcome


I like the torso a lot!:wavey:


thanks -OZ-
Here is the scene I am hoping to get done
I really dont know if I will make it…

Here is where I am up to on the body, I have a bit to go on the legs and the body and then Im going to joint them all up etc… but I am now going to concentrate on the head a bit.

Any c/c welcome


Good idea man :thumbsup:


very impressive


hey thanks
eYadNesS and phoenix.
Here is where I am up to with the head.


I have a bit of trouble giving my faces some realistic looking personality, any suggestions??? Oh soooo far to go


Yeah i have some suggestion. REbuild your ear and find some good reference for it. Ckeck out your forehead and horn connection because it seem a little bit too square. Your nose and lips are not totally ok. Check the form of your lips, its too round I think . For your nose you can work more where the nosetrils. Its really hard to do it right!Check out these link. Maybe you ckeckbone are too pronunciated.

Work hard and im sure you will do something great! :buttrock:

By the way , sorry for my english, you can criticize my english :applause: .


little suggestion here…the mouth, y dun u try to make the mouth slightly ‘bigger’, i think it’ll b better…stronger expression… and for the forehead part, mayb u can try adjust the wrinkle abit…make it more natural, then it’ll be perfect:))

i like the body structure, good work buddy…keep on man!!!:thumbsup:


Looking good! But, yeah, bigger mouth sounds like a good suggestion. I would probably add some more bone for the eyebrows too. And the muscle loop around the mouth is too obvious in the render (if you check below the mouth/lower lip, it looks too much like, well, an edgeloop - rather than real tissue, if you follow me).

Great progress!


thanks for the hints guys!

Pikmin - Maaaaaan, the ear was one of the bits I was happy with. I am gonna but a bone rig thorugh i so I can droop them when I am posing it.

Thanks - future14 and JamesMK, I will have a look at the mouth over the weekend, I have to admit that is always the bit I have trouble doing, they always look “tight” if u get me.

working on the tail…

Any one know any good Hair and fur tutorials for Maya 4.5???

More soon


I smell slipknot in the air when I see that thing.
Awesome it moves me.
textures… ooh…
Good luck!


Well here he is…
As usual I have run out of time to finish it as much as I would like.
And I will never learn… never do a cg-challenge character with hair! Well that is till I learn how to do hair. He was going to have a full head of thick curly hair, but I am just happy to have a render in on time. I will probably move him into the WIP section and keep working on him till I am happy. Hope you like what I have done, I am pretty happy with him considering I have only been teaching myself Maya for 9 months, oooooh so much to learn!

Oh and nobrain, forgive my ignorance but what do you mean by “slipknot”???


just reminded me of a band that I like.

hope to c more of it.


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