The sideshow - character - m_ercurio


Hi! I’m fresh new to the cg talk forum:blush: …I’m sending this thread to say that I’m in this contest to!
Tomorrow I’ll post here my concept!

P.S.:I’m Portuguese, so don’t be funny about my poor English!


Welcome :slight_smile:
I hope to see your work…


As I promised here is my first sketch…
My idea was to make siamese twins…but I have short time to do this character, so this time I only did the head (heads)!

I hope you like it and if you have any thoughts about it, please be free to say them!:rolleyes:

Soon I’ll post new things about this character!



I’m now going on vacations :stuck_out_tongue:

next week I´ll restart my character with all the energy I can get!:eek:

Cya next week!


I’m back from vacations!!! :frowning:

Here is another image of my concept…now it’s a little bit different, but the idea is the same.


Hey!Good concept…go on 3d!! Keep it up!


I have finished the torso and the legs…give me critics please…
I have to improve this parts!

If you can’t see the image go here:


Looking good.

My only crit would be that the amount of fat on the legs doesn’t match that huge belly. So, IMO, you could add some more volume to the legs, particularly the inside of the thighs, mostly above the knees and then the entire shins.


thanks JamesMK! :slight_smile:

I’ll put some fat on the legs!


You’re welcome!

      • And then there are millions of people who spend most of their life trying to get rid of fat… It’s a strange world. :smiley:


looking nice


nice work…and modelling…
congratulations merc…


Thanks phoenix and metacool! :thumbsup:


hi! I’m very sad today :sad: …I realized that I’ll not finish this character at time beacause I will have no more time at the end of the contest!

But I will continue working on the character, so when I finish it, I will post an image in “gallery/finished work 3d”!

Wait for the post! :stuck_out_tongue:

See you soon and good luck to all of you!


Aww… To bad. Hope to see this finished later on then!


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