The sideshow_Character_Lordrych


Ok guys here is my idea, A man born with giganticsm. but there is a twist he has it everywhere but his lower half. So they had to build him stilts so he can touch the ground with his lowerhalf. He is also twice the size of normal humans and his arms are almost the width of one human bye himself. I call him the Sentinal, cause every circus is run bye the freaks so he is the guard.

just a close up of the top half he wears a vest and a tie, he can’t fit into anything else


here is an update, i kinda redid the head…



Ok here is a little update, I guess no one likes my Idea cause I have had no responses…oh well I will keep on Trucking i guess



Love what you’ve done with the face, do keep going.


this is really cool:beer: … the concept i couldn’t grasp, but now with some of the wip, i’m really likin it

lotta character goin on and fun stuff happening:thumbsup:


I have added some coloring pay no attention to the vest texture I am actually going to be changing that to pinstripping, and weather it a bit, i figure circus folk (Carnies don’t have the best of clothes). I still have to add the mustache and eyes and detail his arms and vest more. Lots of work to do :slight_smile:



Is my guy that shitty i don’t get any replies?



I like it :thumbsup:
Don’t worry I also don’t get too much replies so now it’s two of us.


I like the style Lordrych…give him lots of detail loving,nice definition to body parts,and with the early looks you already have he has lot’s of potential to be both fun and freaky.Nice start.:beer: :beer:


Nice :thumbsup:


He looks like he really likes to get paid. Mental note: no gate crashing. Great stuff.


ok here is an update got the legs on and will start to do his stilts and detail him now…



detailed the legs and arms a bit, little more of an update, please some crits!!!



Ok here we go i decided to go with a russian feel for my guy, i am actually working on the stilts now, hope these keep everyone’s interest no one has really been replying :frowning:



ok guys seriously, i need some crits here!! some good crits i don’t get anything…!


Where are his pants??? No really… some areas feel like they need to be smoothd a touch… especially the biceps and near the armpits. Can U post a wireframe?

To remain true to your concept it seems like his legs need to be shorter and stubbier to justify the need for stilts.


I like you concept, but i think that the legs do need to be a but shorter for the stilts.
The russian look is interesting, but I was kind of enjoying your first clothing idea. Just a thougt though. :applause: :thumbsup:
Keep up the good work.



Groovy proportions on this fellow!

The only crit I can think of right now is that the nose and eyes need some more definition. Lovely chin though. The beard is an early WIP I guess? If it’s not, I’d drop it.

You’re on your way, keep going! :thumbsup:


alright boys i am not going to be able to get this done in time…so thank you anyway! maybe next time.



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