The sideshow - character - Jonas8200


Hello! This is my first thread and submission!!

How are you? This character is alright… he wasn’t supposed to be much, but I decided to keep working on him and to submit him… he must feel loved :slight_smile:

I’m a random guy so hopefully i wont get distracted with other stuff before i finish my freak dude.

He needs clothes, something in his hands, and also a name still!

any suggestions?!?

whaddaya think so far?



Going for a seriously oversized head kind of deformity, are we? There’s of course a medical name for that condition, but I have no idea what the english name would be… Anyway, it’s a good idea because I cannot recall any other entry along those lines.

I get the feeling you are aiming for something stylized here, at least that’s what those goggles signal, somehow… Remember that it’s required to correctly reflect the era - 1850 - 1940 (approx. IIRC) so you might want to check some antique eyewear references.

Hard to comment on it yet - if you’ve got some concept sketch to post, it would help everybody to see where you want to take him.

And - Good luck!


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