The Sideshow- character - JFFORTIN


Hi guys l will go with a tortured man who is kepp alive like that and people pay to see him suffer in is cage he will grip by chain and hook who are atch on is body and face a blood bag will be there to keep him a alive and some scary scars…hope u will enjoy


I hate to be the one to rain on your parade (forgive the pun), but if you take a look at the challenge guidelines you’ll see that it can’t be normal people.
To quote:
2) Must have a visible, deformity (this means that people hammering nails into their noses, or people that merely have excess hair do not count).

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


thx ZrO-1 for u advice but dont worry he will get deformity u will see them for sure…:slight_smile:


Hi guys here ther beginning of my freak he will get 2 head one at the right place and the other one will be in the torso…and that nice character will be be grip by hook and chain on is skin…more to comes guys


nice body
keep going :buttrock:
no comments until now


here we go a little update…still more to comes


well, i guess youve solved the deformity problem. i also think a golfer with an arm growing out of his ass would draw a crowd.


Freak…make him bloody…very bloody.:drool:



Nice Idea…
This remind me a anime cartoon, I don’t what it is…:hmm:
but still nice :slight_smile:


here a little reply more to come …
and thx to ur support guys…:slight_smile:


last update before to go to sleep…hope u like any comments are welcome…:slight_smile:


maybe you can sleep but i wont be able to now that i saw your freak scary man and great


hahaha worknotplay l hope l didnt scared u too much…more to come later lm a bit busy now …update will come tomorrow good night guys…:slight_smile:


Hi M.Fortin, Squeeze told me that you participate to this challenge, great! :buttrock:

You work is really cool well detailed, he remind me some cenobite from the hellraiser serie, I think that your character should not live long with his skin scorched like this…I think to be part of a freakshow he must be a living person… maybe its just me


My god:eek: Please post your mesh, especially for the areas the hooks are attached to.


Thx guys for your comments here a updates…
Martyr thx man
if u read my description u will see l will put a blood bag to let that freak live as long as we can…hehehe:)

Goon thx man here a wireframe for u man
___________________________More to come guys


My fault!! Its a really freaky one!


argh… like the deformation is not a punishment enough… damn those chains must hurt… ouch … :argh: …creepy


WOW never saw this one, this is great.
Its definately battle of the Kuato’s. I think you will win though, superb modelling. Cant wait to see an update.



This is looking fantastic JFFFORTIN. I really like the skin around the hooks. keep it up! :smiley: