The Sideshow - Character - Bytehawk


this guy 's got his head in the wrong place

I know it’s a bit far fetched, but hey - anything’s possible

current status :

first daft sketches


so far…


Thats a good idea!
Cool, good to see a different take on this.
We are both Kuato’s.




I’m sure both of us will have an original take on this…

The design I have in my head doesn’t involve 2 heads though…

I’ll let you guess what 's going in the normal head position.


Is that your stomach talking? ha ha


that’s the idea…


Im sorry mate, but you are so copying JFFORTIN’s thread.:thumbsdow
I think you should totally re-do from start dude.

This is aint fair.

JFFORTIN’s challenge

Open your eyes…:surprised

And he has 1000000 time your skills, so dont mess around man.

To me, this is a disqualification :annoyed:

Have a nice day mate.



Originally posted by PPGINGRAS
…Open your eyes…:surprised
And he has 1000000 time your skills, so dont mess around man.
To me, this is a disqualification :annoyed:
Have a nice day mate.


pfft! Having a bad day?


No, not at all, hes just copying…thats it.



I’d like to see what 3 different artists make of similar concepts; bluemilk doesn’t seem to have a problem with the similarity of concepts. JFFORTIN’s head is in a different position and the modelling style is totally different.

And this:

And he has 1000000 time your skills, so dont mess around man.

is completely inappropriate. All this Dale and Strike business has the good townsfolk of CGTalk ready to flip out at the slightest opportunity, it would seem.


I apologized for this part of my post, your right, that was wrong.
But still…

Whatever, do what you want mate.




I started drawing yesterday afternoon in the sun on my terrace. I hadn’t looked at every thread in cgtalk, only glanced over the cgchallenge website to see if this idea had been thought of. I didn’t see anything.

My inspiration came from the movie Totall Recall, and no I don’t plan to make any copies of existing participants, nor an exact copy of the model done for the movie. My take on this idea will be different and original. This guy’s thinking with his stomack and hasn’t got a normal head… where it’s supposed to sit anyway.

If any of the participants think I am copying any of their modeling let them speak for themselves…, I will listen to them.

Cheer up folks, this is a challenge. It has to be fun. There’s no prizes to be won afaik.


got to tweak a little today, tomorow more geometry I think


hi bytehawk ur progress is going on the right way maybe u shold twek a litte around the head those wrinkles are a bit weird…and for the copying thing lm not worry about 2 tohers people do the same as me that will be fun to see each version of the same idea
Good luck buddy


i just feel the need to boldly disagree with the idea that there is any copying going on… on the contrary… I think it is FAR better to have similar deformailites goin on to see how far different minds can “deform” the same impedement!

…after all… everyone here is working under one theme.

GoodJob ByteHawk…and all you guys… This is the best standard of any “open-book” competition ive seen since pacman. I only wish i had enough time to participate!


thanks jffortin, will tweak those wrinkles as you said, I went a little overboard with those…

cheers amer, seems we agree


Promising! And I’d like to second the previous encouragements about this “copied idea” debate - You are all doing your own things anyway, I don’t see a problem here. And besides, the whole concept behind the challenge is that there is a certain theme to follow, right? So it would be strange if we didn’t encounter some similarities.

Some suggestions, if you don’t mind: The eyes and the area around them seems a bit protruded to me. Would perhaps look better if it was pulled back into the skull a bit, and maybe also scaled along the X to put the eyes a bit closer to the nosebone. And I figure the lips should have more curvature (think cylindrically along the Y)… Just some ideas, feel free to ignore :slight_smile:


thanks for the suggestions

will look into them tonight. I like this challenge just because of the feedback you get like yours.



added some geometry

not entirely satisfied with the results of the new geometry, major tweaking is still needed. Weekend’s here, C yall on monday.


So… that’s his intestines where the head should have been…? barf ralph Oh sweet mother of Zaphod Beeblebrox… Excellent! Speechless.