The Showdown - character -T4D


Final entry HERE

4.8 megs Qtime S3 this is the Final animation

classic 3D character challenge
but start doing a animation test and remembered the animation challenge so here i am

still have to model the hero but that shouldn’t be a problem

evil master fights hero but who will win
the evil guy i hope


the fight is on,
made the hero over 2 nights after work
start posting draft animations in the next few days


little avi div-x compression to the max =)

first 125 frames 445 to go :buttrock: [div-x very compressed](


Great start, Peter :slight_smile:
I don’t know how finished this sequence is, so I won’t crit yet unless you ask for it. I love your effects on the demon robot monster! I hope you decide to celshade him :wink:


i most of the time I " very " rough out the sequence
then go back an tidy it up even to the point of changing the character setup and re animation those parts effected ( joy of LW :bounce:

anyways should see another version tonight don’t how far along it will be but you should be able to throw some crap at it then. :thumbsup:


basic animatied storyboard still alot of work to do but this is how the first half of the action goes.:wavey:

500k WMV format compresssion


1.2 meg Qtime S3 very compressed

haven’t work on it in awhile
( got some work, found the free motion builder & got DFX+ so not much free time laterly :beer:

but done some work on it tonight most of the fight is ploted out
VERY DRAFT version needs work in all areas

but this is a WIP comp so this check it out

i have done this as a test for afew things i’ve been wanting to try

the whole fight is one whole scene i didn’t break it up into shots

the Qtime shows one camera’s view there’s 9 cameras in the scene i’ll mix em up and render them later

selection set and very basic ik is all i used to animate as per splinegod method i’ll will be animating shoulders and elbows etc later but i really like this method for very small jobs like this. no need to spend too much time on rigging when your keying everything manually anyway =)

i will be doing a fair bit in DFX+ post to add hit effects hope i don’t break the rules doing that but i got the tools and i need to use them =)


800 k 80% complete

got a job in so this maybe the last day i can work on it :surprised


4.1 meg DIV-X this is mostly the Final animation abit busy over the next few days…

full desciption follows


I decided along the way that this would be a testing ground for me

There’s are afew things that i wouldn’t normally do but done it for this just to try.

1/ It’s all one scene file one complete animation start to finish with no scene changes just camera changes can render out a different camera angle if needed
( now i’ve done it this way i prefer to break it up :banghead:

2/ very little character setup was done, basic IK on hands and feets and selection sets setup in Lightwave

( again wish i’d spent more time on setup, selection sets are cool but when you have alot of interaction between things it gets hard to control and to move the timing around

3/ getting new software when your doing a pet project really gets you off track, i got dfx+ & the Motion builder and all i wanted to do was play there instead of inside LW

should have spend tonight on animation tidy up and rendered it overnight but just couldn’t keep away from DFX+ LOL

but i will do my next animation entry in motion builder just for the fun of it

4/ seeing they was no client to show progress, i really enjoyed no story boarding i wish i could work like this more but hey that’s life

5/ i enterd the character design contest first should have just started a animation from the start would have had more time then :banghead:

anyway i learnt alot and it was fun

hope you enjoy the animation


4.1 meg DIV-X this is mostly the Final animation abit busy over the next few days…

do i have to suppy a Qtime as well ??
or is the Div-x ok for final entry ??


Animation is looking good. Could be sped up a bit, some of the movements seem slow.

According to the rules you need to provide a Quicktime encoded with Sorenson3. (Darn Mac folk! grr)


4.8 megs Qtime S3 this is the Final animation

spend up the last kick & added T4D watermark because i’m been playing in DFX again =)
thanks Kricket for the comment does look abit better abit faster :beer:


thx man.
I think there is lot to correct in Your’s animation same as my but like U see not many can even finish and this is very important issue in 3d industry…

Keep it man… !!!


yeah really hoping they will be a rush at the finish line
but seems there’s only 2 hours left and not much is happening

at the moment i must say your my pick Argail for winner
but my wife ( not a animatior ) likes Fasty ( hope he completes it it’s a great idea )
my kids like mine, but can’t count them :wink:

i had alot of fun anyways
my next entry will be rigged and set up as per what i normally do, so the standard will be alot higher:beer:


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