The Showdown - character - Gru / PaulC


Final(ish) Movie

Thanks to Paul C and Andreas Broqvist for the 2 characters.

Hey everyone! Seems like one hell of a competition this time around, the one month break got everyone thirsty for animation. Great stuff, wish you all good luck and that we all can enjoy as much as we all did in the last one.

So I guess I’ll be in as well, together with talented mr Paul C to give me a hand on the concept, modelling and texturing of the characters and environments.

Our idea is to create a mind fight scene rather than a physical one… it will be staged on some “Staring Championship”, so expect a lot of tension, twitching eyes, raging blood vessels, dripping sweat and all the emotions lived in such competitions…

A few more details on the actual action and profile of the characters will follow soon, as well as a few sketches.


Hey Im glad you joined :bounce:

This is something that sounds very intresting… almost has a Jim Carrey feel to it.

Good luck!


hey its good to see you in it again!

good luck



Ahhh, I feel the staring competitions from ‘BIG TRAIN’ may be an influence for this, sounds great, very original.
Good luck.


Thanks a lot Jay, Kid Mesh and MVP (yep the Big Train was big influence, but we want to center stage on the characters as we’ll not have the funny commentators to help wrap up the action) , it seems that there are issues with the fact that I’ll not be going solo and will be ignored by the judges. I’ll still go ahead with Paul C, at the end of the day its what you atchieve that really matters, and for what we have in mind, the characters (modeling and texturing) are as important as the animation… so I guess we’ll be racing only for the fun of it.

well I hope this wont be a problem.




seems like we falling behind here!

Here is how the story goes

1-It opens with a close up of bad guys face, very cool

2-Close-up of good guy, starting to fell stressed

3-It cuts to a wide shot and reveal the scenario
(banner, huge clock, etc) with the two guys seating in
the centre of the frame…bad guy does annoying finger
tapping on the table…

4-Some sort of transition (maybe
a close-up of the clock going really fast and then stop
some 2 hours later overlayed over the good guys
Stressed face), this will be used in-between shots/actions

5-bad guy does something even more annoying, like
playing with a knife hitting the table with the knife
very fast in-between he’s spread fingers…

6-the bad guy does this creepy sound of a fork against
a plate, camera opens to a wide shot and the guy is
cutting some steak and eating while still staring at
the other guy.

7-the good guy is on the verge of collapsing when he
manages to drop the pepper thing that rolls towards
the bad guy…tension mounts and the baddy ends up
sneezing and flying backwards.

the end…

Here’s a couple of test animations i did this afternoon


If you haven’t got a name for it yet, I have a beauty:


a bit obvious? Go on…you know you want to!!
NIce storyline, edge of your seat stuff!:stuck_out_tongue:


:scream: dude u almost made me choke on my toast, it will defenitly be considered, will need to get hold of the Star Wars type face tho, guess wont be hard.



Just a quick update, I put a little comp together in afterfx.
Paul’s still working on characters, hopefully we’ll have some stuff to show later this week.

The movie



very nice idea … good luck


Hey buddy,
Good luck to you too. A very entertaining idea you’ve got!


Looks cool so far. what kind of characters are you going for?



Thanks a lot guys :beer:

Jay: the characters are going 2 b something like “The Freak” (, some sort of disfuntional weird characters with puffy big eyes.
So the test animations that i’ve done so far, do not have the same proportions of the characters, they’re just for fun.
My team mate’s quite busy at the moment, so I’ll put this on hold until we have some stuff that i can start animating with.



I apologise in advance for this comment as I was very bored at work today…I have just noticed you are in London too! I was so bored in fact that i have come up with two names for your contestants in the unlikely event of you naming your movie ‘STARE WARS’.

Look Styegawker vs Jar Jar Blinks.

I said I was sorry.:shrug:


:beer: :scream:
You trying me hard hey!
eh eh eh !
think already made up my mind…Stare Wars!, credits to you.
where u based?..(meaning…the greater London)



:bounce: :applause: :bounce:

YEY!! Excellent choice my friend! Excellent choice.

Can’t download anything at the moment but looking forward to downloading your movie when I can.

I live in Belsize Pk and am working in Soho at the moment.:wavey: [ul]


lol that’s looking great Gru, keep it coming man



Great job man, looking forward to the final piece.


Thanks a lot guys!

Oh well in the end seems like I’ll be going solo, my team mate is too busy, so I’ll be using my green gremlin as the characters, guess i have no time to come up with anything else if i want to finish this on time. I’ll just have to work a bit to try top make em look a bit different, guess that will make the trick.

Screen Shot

Some more updates soon!