The Shooter, Tiago Hoisel (3D)


Title: The Shooter
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

Three years after making my first studies in Zbrush, I decided to go back to study 3d illustration. This is my first finished image in 3ds Max. This is an old concept that I thought it might be a good image to start studying. I’ve changed the design slightly, making less crazy. I made the model in zbrush using the dynamesh tool that is really interesting. After that, the retopology has been made in 3ds max and rendering using Vray renderer. I am very grateful to the artists Victor Maiorino , Victor Hugo and Pedro Conti who are my teachers! I painted the micro facial hair in photoshop. And the baby food I applied in post production in photoshop as well. Beside the help of Pedro, Victor and Victor, I used as reference for the shader setup the great tutorial of Adam Lewis. I hope you liked.




You’ve got one beautiful image right there :slight_smile: Love those facial hair and the eyes. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


love the research photos


so beautiful , it’s remind me to that infant in the incredible movie


Incredible as always :bounce:


I like the second image…the silly one…good job


Very very nice work !

best regards



great idea. and perfectly executed.
love the hands and fine hair…


Amazing work master!! Very cute and funny character ,you are the best in both 2D and 3D !!! Keep inspiring us and Thanks for sharing your amazing work here! :slight_smile: 10stars and this is deserved award 100%…Looking forward to your 2D and 3D works more and more!


Perfect work !! Congratulations !!


adorable character… nice work


according the limitation in 3d for get sense and emotional, this work is really amazing.
keep up your new 3d work. :slight_smile:


amazing there


this is suprb outstanding. 5****** i can feel the softness of hair…:D…love the expressions .:slight_smile: outstanding all-around…:smiley:


i loved the skin!


Wonderful peace of art Hoisel! Inspiring as always. 5 stars!


just amazing *****


Thiago! Totally awesome!!! Almost impeccable! I loved all details and like even more too see you trying something different than usual with the usual quality :slight_smile:


Stunning image! It’s a little creepy for some reason but beautiful at the same time.

Great work.


Absolutely brilliant! I love the proportions of the forearms & hands. Looking forward to seeing more 3d work from you :smiley: