-The Shipwreck-, Marc Brunet (2D)


Title: -The Shipwreck-
Name: Marc Brunet
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop

:0 Alright so the mag is finally out and I’m allowed to post this now!

This was done for ImagineFX 38, I have a tutorial in there explaining in details how I created the image, grab a copy!


She’s a clumsy pirate drying up on the deck after totaling her ship (:

Tell me what you think!


Wonderful colours and mood!!


fantastic work :slight_smile:
not much more to say


Oh wow! Great image, and I loved reading about your methods yesterday in IFX. I was just using your Chalk brush about a minute ago for some practice.

Wonderful work.


I must have this tutorial cool art and magic pic


Great job ! I love this color and pirate girl.:love:


gorgeous color, great use of the warm sun while keeping the crisp contrast of the waters. Love this!


Nice composition, leads the eye well, her personality is told very well in both pose and expression, color is playful and there is a traditional feel to the whole, great work man


sure Marc, i think its a great work, very beautiful to look at…:). she gets all the attention - very smartly composed and colored. and she looks so stunning…:).


Interesting lighting on this one. Good stuff man.


very good work, colors are great:thumbsup:


Wowww,great as usual.
5 stars from me :wink:


Beautiful light and colors! :thumbsup:


Marc this is very lovely work man, good man



Waw! beautiful! render, colors, lightings are very very nice!
great work Marc!


very nice. 5*


Beautifull Ambiant on this one Marc :thumbsup:


Splendide ! Magnifique ! Les mots me manquent… !!!


Great work!

5 stars from me 2!!!


Beautiful image! I’ve always admired your sense of color and your technique. I think her left thigh is a bit short, but she is so pretty…