The Settlers: Rise of an Empire - Characters, Michael Filipowski (3D)


Title: The Settlers: Rise of an Empire - Characters
Name: Michael Filipowski
Country: Germany
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

hey guys,

it is a long time ago i posted some stuff from me.
as the lead character artist of settlers i was very busy. after having finished the game finally i want to share some chars i made.
a few of them are based on concepts from vance kovacs who provided us with some awesome sketches in the beginning, the others are from my ideas.

Above you see my lovely Lady Plunder - Kestrel.
inspiration was san with her mask from princess mononoke.

Technical infos:
The knights have around 1700 tris + 1400 for their mounts.
Knight and Mount are painted together on a 1024*1024 texture page with alpha and a specular map.

for normal settlers we used up to 900 tris and a 512*512 texture page with alpha.
let me know what you think…

Lady Healing - Alandra:

Knight Trade - Elias:

Knight Song - Thordal:

some other chars -

Smokehouse Worker:

Spouse Thick:

Spouse Thin:

and some heads/faces i did for different workers and military units:


Great work dude. Congrats



the images in this post have moved to the top of the page…


Just wow :expressionless: and so low-poly! very very nice modeling and texturing! congrats!

I especially like the horses and donkey, great job!


very good work. i like how the textures are painted. from the concept it doesnt look like you were going for stylized body proportions but in the mesh it looks like the heads are little big.


Excellent work! :thumbsup:


great work:thumbsup:


ah ah …very very nice works…great modeling…good job…keep it up…:bounce: :bounce:


yeah the big head bubble head thing just does not work for me on this everything else is awesome though. also the concept looks badass with the proportions in it why ruin it with big heads?

great game models :slight_smile:


got a nice style going on those, michael :slight_smile: good to see some hand-painted textures in this day and age. some of them characters seem to suffer from big head syndrome, tho - or is that a gameplay-related thing to make people recognize their units more quickly?


Wow! I like all the chaaracters, very nice work.


I like it!

great modeling and textures,Nice job


The Settlers brings good memories. Always fun to see them again! Nicely done, Michael!


wow.its really great MFTituS.nice textures.congurulations !


Very good work (perhaps that’s why you are the leading artist :slight_smile: ) !

btw why the germans like so much creating economical strategies?

i think Knights&Merchants was better than The Settlers :stuck_out_tongue:


Very good ingame characters! :thumbsup:


just stunning :thumbsup:


I agree on the head size comments above (I like the proportions suggested in the top left sketch in the very first image) - but apart form that:

absolutely brilliant low-poly character design!


Just wanted to say AMAZING work!


Hey Michael, great work as i already mentioned. Was fun to work with you on that project :slight_smile:

I’ll post the portraits as soon as i get the permission to do so.
Have fun on your free days and relax a little.