The Sentinel, Nykolai Aleksander (2D)


Title: The Sentinel
Name: Nykolai Aleksander
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

“To you I gave my wings, because I have a reason to stay.”
“Can these wings make me fly?” he asked.
“No,” she said, “but happiness can.”

This piece meant alot to me when I painted it over the course of several weeks in 2006/2007. So it was - and probably still is - a very personal one.

Some close-ups:

Enjoy. =]


I know this cool :wink: cool feel to details gr8 skin and light TOP rate:thumbsup:


nice composition and colors, very good ambience.


Wow!! It’s a so awesome image!!
The colors and pose…and also the concept are very beautiful!!

Editing my post to add it… Five stars!!


Great job! I like it so much:thumbsup:


Thanks very much for your comments, everyone. Much appreciated, and I’m glad you like it. =]


Good to see this finally posted Nykolai, excellent work.




Well, I’m glad there are still some people who like to see this. =]

And thanks alot! =]


Man I dig this. Good job yo.


you are an awesome colourist!
great image :thumbsup:



I love this, excellent concept. I also really like how the red of the ribbon contrasts against the background, great mood :slight_smile:


5 stars for me!!

my reel

my character reel


Wow, nice work! Only one crit, mans hand drop the shadow, whereas legs don’t have shadows. But it maybe looks like artistic method. However, nice picture.


Again, thanks everyone. =]

fabis: mhh… I just looked at it again just to make sure, and the legs drop a shadow. Unless they should drop it differently than they do, in which case I’m more than open to hear how it should be. :slight_smile:


Hah! I understand the reason why it happens. It caused by higher value of gamma in my laptop screen, this is why i can’t detect any shadows under the legs, because shadows droped by the hands is more darker in the corners, in depth and i still can see this in the laptop. But in my desktop screen it’s all right. Anyway, forget it… Picture is nice! 5 stars


love this one ! 5star!


Ahh, okay. I know what you mean, I’ve seen this piece on a few different laptops and desktops, and it always looks strange to me, especially when the screen is not callibrated at all.

Again, thanks. =]




wonderful work mate :smiley:


On top of the great painting and textures, I like the balance between the green bg and the red ribbons, it adds some real life to the piece.