The Scythe Meister - Character & Vfx, John Warner (3D)


Title: The Scythe Meister - Character & Vfx
Name: John Warner
Country: Canada
Software: Xsi 4, Boujou

hey guys. i finished my scythe meister model and decided it would be cool if i got some plates and put him in a shot.

you can take a look at the shot here:

here are some pics of him. take a look if you want :slight_smile: sory about the cheap lighting :S. i also had to disable displacement on render time because the computers in this bloody school would crash when i tried to render.


Hey john, good to see you crank that bad boy out so fast. Now have my babies. please.


sory guys. here’s a link for easy clickin’

[]Click me]([font=Verdana)[/font]


hmm… well that was retarded. sorry, looks like you’ll have to copy and paste the link :\ does this damn forum have an edit post option then?

Lets try that again


Right click and save target as to watch the quicktime guys.
Awesome work John. looks very realistic and the rig is pretty cool too. Good stuff


that’s looking really neat John. great job with compositing, mad props to matching the camera movements and all - that looked pretty shakey. lighting looks okay to me, despite what you say. keep it up, you’re doin’ great.


thanks alot guys :slight_smile:

tessa- thanks, but boujou did all the tracking for me. the program gives amazing results and is incredibly easy to use…


lookin’ pretty sweet, post more/bigger pics.

and there’s an ‘edit’ button at the bottom of all the posts you make…

lookin’ real good. can’t wait to see the final reel.



Great work man, espcially considering the time frame you pulled it off in, and the fact the the VFX component was an afterthought! Now the real question is are we gonna see a creature next term? HA HA HA


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