The Schwerin Theater (Continue)


bigger size soon!


just one part remaining for finish first level and start level 2 that is texturing of the building. do you know where is it object? :rolleyes:


this is last part and I start modeling it…


and it finish… modeling finish…LOL :beer:


There is front part of the building with all objects. I have two wall papers for you in 1024768 and 12401024

Get wallpaper in 1024*768

Get wallpaper in 1280*1024


Congrats to have finished the first step… with this beautiful shape :thumbsup:

…a couple of days for texturing and that will be perfect !


oh, man please… couple days :eek: …no no nooooooo


hahahaha… you can do it Mister Saatchi :thumbsup:


really I can’t cause I just have 2 hours time in week for work on the project. I was so busy for some projects that last of it will finish till wednesday. after it I will going to travel for amount 10 days and when I return, will have more time of course.

As you know I try to find some school for 3d art (with or without scholarship in europe) so this project will help me for make better portfolio!

But sure that I finish this project in first half of Auguest.


hello, I come back and have good news! I will become free till this week end so will have more time to work in this project.

and another news, TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY :bounce:

wait for next update, in this week end,


You’ve made really great progress on this model since I saw it first - Its a fantastic amount of detail you have, and I look forrward to see how your texturing works out!

And Happy Birthday :bounce:


Really impressive work and I wish you a very, very happy birthday!! :smiley:


Tommy L, wodewil thanks :slight_smile:

I finish my last project and now have more time for schwerin theater. you can see that project renders from there:

ok, material started finaly. In the scene is many objects so I trying to signing objects. then will define main texture. In below render you can see this progress. click on image to see bigger size.

As I said I liked use maxwell for final render but I think it take many time and my system can not handle it. so I will do it with VRay and if I found some way, wil try again it with maxwell.
So keep your look there to see what will happen.

Some website say me that write “Making Of Schwerin Theater” so may write first part of it this week and publish it on the next week.


more parts under material pre render may be too dark in some CRT monitors but In this render I get brighter render so image will be in good quality for both CRT and LCD monitors.

There is bigger size in 1280*960:


ok, now all part have signed material and I finish this level. next level will be work in some objects that aren’t good and also adding some details that I forgot those. after that level, will return to texturing.

Bigger Size in 1700 * 1275:


hmmm, I have problem for continue the project. it’s about final scene:

[li]I can make the building completely and then mix it in picture.[/li][li]I can make the building and scene with other buildings, plans, charcters and etc.[/li][li]I can…[/li][/ul]
What you suggest?!


nice detailing. it looks like you put many hours into this project. love the detail.


thanks Drakaran. yes I work in many hours in this project because wanted make most of details :slight_smile:

Finally I decide moving to Milan, Italy so need have better portfolio. for continue this project I decide to make all other part of the scene that it’s contained people, plans, building, bridge and etc, but for my portfolio, and for my time, decide to stop it in this level for now, and start another superb building. then will return and will complete this project.

But what will be my next project?



Due to this beautiful result, you must offer to your Schwerin Theater a real scene to give it the final touch of the “life”… this realization is not only a great work with much work, but also that must become a real masterpiece…

…after that, I’m of course ready to follow the Cathedral Wip… :thumbsup:


I think past night that what I do… hmmm, I always respect to your comments. OK, First I will finish it, may it become little far from my goal (about final scene of schweirn) but no problem and ay it be better. I will continue it today :slight_smile: