The Schwerin Theater (Continue)


Hello all,

     This is continue of the old thread "[[b]Theatre of Schwerin (Exterior)[/b]](". I try to recounstrast the schwerin theater buiding (in germany) and will try make some srtistic output at final.
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     hope you all like it and let me learn more.

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[left]August 29 2007: [Making Of Schwerin Theater - Part 1 [Modeling]](


     [b]LAST UPDATE[/b]


[left]As I said, this is continue of old thread. so you can look at the past renders from there:[/left]

an read cgtalker ideas from there:

And its last update in that thread:


I make statueses between window’s columns. t was little hard for me because haven’t good and close up references. I keep low polygons there to avoind making huge scene at final.

for see big images, click on the images and in new page, click on image again.

another view:


finally I start texturing of the buildign. two object remain and I will complete those soon.
I start it with some test. I decide to do first presentation with Maxwell so must have some try there. there is first. please let me know that what you think. it need many changes. is it?


You already now my advices about these marvellous pics… and Maxwell… I’m just impatient to see more…
…more textured :wise:


Man, what a great details… 5 stars from me :thumbsup:


Great progress, Msaatchi, I love the look of that new Maxwell Render. Why the new thread though?


ya I got it :thumbsup: and about updates, I have travel this week (sunday - will return night) and when return, will continue the project.

oh thanks. hope see my starts soon. hehe…

Can call me “mohammad” :slight_smile: I change my id so need to start new thread to have control on it.

this is textured statues (between windows):


Great architectual work… nice reproduce :smiley:


thanks :slight_smile:

I come back from travel. today I will install vista 64 and will run 3dsmax 64bit on it. let me see how it’s different.


Hi man, good to hear you’r almost prepared to continue your work again. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you any advices on choosing new hardware, I’m not interested it at all since I have no money for any bigger upgrade :slight_smile:


good job… great project… :thumbsup:


oh, I buy the system with great advises of Andrew (in cgarchitect). hope find some money on earth to upgrade your system too (like me hehe…)

thank you :slight_smile:

I decide to forget work in Vista 64 or 32 when I see that I lose 550 mb of my 2 GB Ram!
I need my RAM specilay in MAXWELL. also I don’t see any special thing in VISTA else beauty design. I think I can work with VISTA when have 4GB ram and quad CPU.

at all, is there any suggest? may you say me that vista x64 (for 3dsmax 64bit) is better at all!!!


after long time (for upgrade my system and buy better computer) today I will continue the project. I want finish modeling so will work on two remained objects.

Hard part of the project is there. all of three references are far from this complex statue that is in front top. this part is very important for me and like make good work. so will take more time for it. in my new system with 7600GT VGA I have more control in edges and polygons and it’s great.:bounce: (my old was geforce 4 400!!! and it kill me :D) . ok, let me start. Smile

BTW: So from today, I work with 3dsmax 9 SP2 64bit (on Vista x64). :thumbsup:


Tonight found time to work in new part. the statue have very details that I can’t see those. so again need to design some thing! there is my start. not special render, just for fast preview.


no update. just I select some of my favorites renders till now and put there in post 1 and post 2. what renders are your favorite?


Sorry my friend, I could’t saw the difference between the both… is it my eyes ? :scream:


from this place that I connect, can’t check those, so will look it next time.

  • So sorry for another delay. I’m too busy. first I move to my new office and it take many time. second I must finish my 4 in progress commercial projects. each of those are complex. I finish three of those. Another work, I change my web site design and it’s steel in progress. it take many time of me. (
    Also I must think about my study and now I know that will going to england to continue 3D Art. But I don’t know which school is better! seeking about… and it take my free time! so now, have not enough free time for schwerin. I need one or two another week to find time for continue the project.

hope return soon and finish the project :slight_smile:


Your works and your futur are of course more important than the Schwrein project, but you also need some good times with your passion…

We’ll be patient, best wishes for your affairs… we’re wainting impatiently next news, and also next updates…



helllllo my friends after many days, LOL! :bounce:

I’m glad that return there, I was so busy badly! totally now allthing are good.
ok, I continue the statue in top front, don’t attend many in details because decide that work in details when I add texture for it.

Just please attentin about my site and also Schwerin Theater home page. I change design of the site and some links changed. please update your bookmarks!

for example, rss feed of the project path, changed. for more infomration look there:

and also I moving into my new office, so for new phone and address, look there:

be nice,