The same old song. Using XBOX/PS to render


Sorry in advance. I saw some really old post talking about this but not any recent one and I wonder If the situation has changed.

Is there any way of using a video console to speed up the rendering of scenes designed in 3DMax, Maya or similar.

If not ( which I assume ) is there any technical reason Microsoft, for instance, do not design their systems in a way to allow them to connect with PC in order to boost their graphics power.

For a neophyte like me with no much idea seems like a win-win situation, for Microsoft and PC users at least. Especially if we think they are already in the market some external graphics card boxes.

Again apologies for the comment if the answer is too obvious.


I imagine it’s possible to use the CPU from the modern consoles - but it’s really slow. As in, there isn’t really anything on the market right now in the PC world that runs that slow. They both use a custom 8-core “Jaguar” AMD chip which is basically an 8-core A-series CPU (without the integrated GPU) clocked down for longevity, to 1.6GHz.

This chip scored 1.041 in 3DMark '06, vs 1,197 from the prior generation’s A8-5600K 4-core@3.6GHz. Yes, that’s just one metric but their desktop quad-core beats the console’s compute power with half the cores - and that’s in 2012. The reason I’m using that 5600K for my example is because it’s what I have in my TV-PC hooked up to a nice Panasonic plasma TV - it’s what I’m typing this on, right now. I use this computer for setups and Photoshop (when not gaming or watching shows) but for rendering it’s pathetically slow. It heats up rapidly and I cannot safely render with all four cores, even with an aftermarket cooler.

And that’s why those Jaguar chips in the consoles are clocked so low - they are very inefficient and the architecture is quite outdated and slow.

To sum up, there’s absolutely no reason to waste your time using the weak-sauce power of those consoles for rendering. Every real computer you can buy today will render faster, including most laptops. For the price of either console, you could buy a computer that renders many, many times faster - perhaps 16 or 32 times faster, or more. We’re not just talking about twice as fast or three times as fast.


Thanks so much for the answer.

Technicalities were over my head and clearly, my “common sense” clearly misled me hahahahha.

It seemed funny to me that devices that can run games that my laptop can no deal with are no able to render as fast as my computer does. I understand that they are optimised for different purposes and that PC graphic cards are able to deal with a wider variety of process than the “graphics cards” video consoles have.

Thanks for the answer again.