the rv mat editor


whats up with the rv material editor ? sometimes when i open it up the top half of the commands are missing and then i notice if i use it it creates a model in the root of my scene , i notice this provides the objects , in the viewer …
why has soft decided in there wisdom go this route? , for the new mat lib …so called workflow ? it seems to me that there are some major issues with the flakey engine driving the interface/display and GUI , i have heard this is a major problem with trying to implement tools , like b splines …so does xsi have a shakey core engine ?



Well that’s why the ‘old’ shader group system is still in place and can be used pretty much like it was in earlier versions… As for the UI, IMO they’v started a very ambitious direction with that, what with the XML base and relations etc, so of course it will be a little buggy at version 1.0. I’m sure they’l fix it in later versions. And personally i stay away from the silly shaderball RV, the rendertree works perfectly fine without it…


tachy0n … yup seems to me as if soft should not of bothered putting this stuff inn if it doesnt work …can u imagine if i’d bought a car and the brakes didnt work … especially when they use all these new features to sell u you xsi and they dont work correctly … pretty pointless really …when we could of at least had a visual guide for the fall off on a point light … LOL how hard could that be !


“embattled xsi user”


Did you even think its your system your running and not XSI.

I have not had any problems with the RV Material Editor.

If you have a problem, you can log a bug


thanks Zemorph … it not my system im using a duel xeon 3 ghtz cach with 2 gig of ram and a top of the range quadro card …
it now seems if you read the list other people are having problems with disappearing materials … I wonder why that is ?



I think the RV Material Editor has some serious problems keeping its head straight. I’ve posted my own experience with it on the list. It definitely caused me vanishing materials once, but I was able to recover.


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