The Ruins, Damien Harrison (3D)


Title: The Ruins
Name: Damien Harrison
Country: South Africa

Weather generator made with Maya, environment made in Vue. Lots of experimenting with clouds and lighting, finally choose this version for my gallery. Rendered in 5 hours 30 minutes @ 1600x720.
Thanks for looking, hope you like :slight_smile:


That is one interesting hell of a cloud! great work :wink:


Very nice :thumbsup:



nice clouds. i like that. cool


This is really sweet! Love the cloud. At first the composition seems too centered, but the moon and sun offset it just enough. Neat!


Thank you everyone for the great comments!

@Artbot, I did struggle a bit with the camera angle so it’s good to hear it came out ok.


Great clouds and lightning :slight_smile:


I think this is a really interesting idea!
I really enjoyed looking at the image!


The entire composition is awesome. I like the clouds especially.


Very nice! Do you mind if I use this as my wallpaper for a while?

Cobra 6


particles or fluid for clouds?


Not at all, it’s a great compliment actually!


It’s Vue’s spectral clouds. I used their function editor to get the shape and the rest is procedural textures along with vue’s usual cloud tools. It’s only the building structure that was made in maya then imported into vue for rendering.


Amazing clouds you did there. Adnd the lighting also. Great work!


I’m trying to learn how to do this in the vue function editor. would u be so kind to share how u did it?

 Sure, although I don't have time to make a nice tutorial I have taken some screen shots of my setup and also saved the atmosphere so if you have Vue 8.5 or higher then you can load it up yourself. I am no pro when it comes to vue so my setup may not be optimal.



and here is the .atm file, it’s made in Vue 8.5.


that’s so kind of you. thank you so much. the picture is amazing, and your portfolio is awesome too.


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