The Room, Gary Tonge (2D)


Title: The Room
Name: Gary Tonge
Country: United Kingdom
Software: Photoshop

Concept Painting

This is another Expose III submitted image.

The image was created as a guide for modelling and texture artists, demonstrating the look and feel of an enviroment. The intended sensation being that it’s tempting to go towards the window, but somehow there is also a threatining feeling over there.

This concept was painted in ~7-8 hours using PhotoShop CS + Intuos 2 Tablet. Original res 1600x2450


I dont normally take too much notice of environment images, but Jeez! Id say this is better than something a 3d artist can do!
Excellent mood and lighting - really atmospheric stuff.


You did manage to capture the moment of fear and hesistancy in that image, very well done.


How on earth did you get such textures? It looks like a photograph…
Like you could actually BE there.

Amazing work.


Yup! I dig this one.
Five stars.

Wanna see more of those :slight_smile:

Take care



Great textures, awsome lightning.


this is so good I can only wish to some day do this calaber of work. However the perspective on the left wall gives a little bit of wide angle lens feeling, nothing I would change though.


an excellent piece of light and mood study.dig it all mate~:)
just perfect!


Your feel for textures are great, I love the tiles on the wall nice touch. One problem though Should I go up stairs into the light or stand there in the dark. Going up those stairs seems like a awful bad idea. I get the feeling I shouldn’t have came in here in the first place. Great work I wish you were my teacher lucky students.:thumbsup:


nice build up on those texturesbattle for botanica gso entry


God man!
That’s impressive atmosphere…
Excellent light study, awesome works.


Thank you for the kind words and feedback everbody! This image was the last in a few I created trying to fathom out the feel for the environments, I quite enjoyed just playing in near-monotone.



that is ****ing unbelieveably beautiful.


this is plain awesome!!!.. i cant stop my jaw from falling down… really love the mood, and totally dig that foggy atmosphere… 5 shiny stuff from me!! :buttrock:


Wow! Instant inspiration! Thank You!


there’s no other word than amazing that comes to mind. absolutely amazing. stunning work.


Is very remarkable work. A nice atmosphere:)
For what purposes prepared?


For me not important -what and how…I see excellent resalt ! Respect.


I love your work so much it isn’t even funny.


In the land of faire elf goth anime pinups you always seem to rise to the top with your environmental pieces.

I’ve been a big fan of your work since I joined GFX, and nothing has changed since I have come here to CGTalk…just one question.

Is there anyway you could post a WIP? Just to get an idea of how you get from step 1 to 10 would probably aid alot of growing artists in developing their own techniques.