The Ringling Thread


A shout-out to all students applying to RSAD this year, be it CA or Illustrator (or finer art majors too:D) major, post up, have some fun, come together, post folios and come crit.

Originally started (no advertising intended here) this thread at to reflect my feeligns, fustrations and utter pang I suffered over the damn folio:) It’s been an interesting journey and I just finished up my last piece. Twelve pieces, all life except for one. Two color:D

Our thread on CA revealed a lot of things. Specifically people getting in the day of the deadline, sending in more than the allotted amount (25 sketches, not even full drawings), one person getting in with no life drawings at all. Etc. People also getting priority being they went to summer student perspective camp held at Ringling, getting accepted there as well. Others sending in work that demonstrated little skill but defintely showed how hard they worked (which is something I’m confused as to how you show:D Just work at it I guess). Grades may have priority even over portfolios.

Just lots of stuff, lots of different ways of “getting in” and such. It’s all quite interesting. Got a few post from people there and graduates as well.

I’m just trying to reach out to all those applying on this forum who may have not heard of or been to

Enjoy:) Mods remove thread if you feel this is advertising:| BUt I ask you to reconsider first!


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