The rider of La Mancha, Fernando Garcia (2D)


Title: The rider of La Mancha
Name: Fernando Garcia
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

This was my entry for the steampunk legends challenge… I wanted to make a dynamic image because I had noticed that my last works were quite static usually, so I tried to push the composition in that way… and I had been wanting to do an image about quixote for some time, so here it is…
thanks to eveyone who helped me with their posts during the challenge, I hope you like it!


i like the fresh colors of this one :slight_smile: looking good.



really interesting idea~
clear expression:)


thanks guys, glad that you like it :slight_smile:


Hey someones really scared and i am loving the moment!


[left]such that these? did not know that to have people in your network that was your invite … well not be because if we have to speak Spanish in English? lol[/left]


ufff Sonia, espero que no te ofendas pero no tengo ni idea de qué has dicho, lo siento! (has usado un traductor automático?)


jajajja pues si esk de ingles lo basico, pero vamos te decia k gracias x el coment y x agragarme y eso y m preguntaba xk teniamos k hablarnos en ingles si ambos somos españoles…jajja
ah y tambien k no sabia k tenias k invitar a la gente para k ste en el network…aun no entiendo muy bien como va esto, no se xk no pueden dejar cometarios en mis imagenes???


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