The return of Ultraman


hi guys,

i graduated from Nad Center in montreal a few month ago. Yesterday my teamate and i recived an award for this 18 sec short. I’m pretty proud of it. We did it in about a month. This was a motion capture exercise.


DIVX : click here
MOV : click here


That’s pretty damn funny


perfect !

nothing to say…just good work and funny video…would like to have music with it…:applause:


LOL , ultra man rocks ,

i encourage everyone to find the movie and watch it , it beats the old godzilla vs mothra movies in cheesiness.



Very funny! And superb animation! :thumbsup:


  • He has a gut…it’s a little distracting
  • The rigging could use a little attention. His knees and elbows collapsed a bit.

But again, great work none the less! :applause:


aaahaha, really cool. Like the way that it starts out, with Ultraman looking tough and serious, and then he suddenly starts dancing. Great work :thumbsup:


c tres cool mais pour l anim vous avez aucun merite a cause du motion capture mais pour le concept c cool et le render m as lair bien c tu integrer a du film ou c tout en 3d
by the way nice work


Very good animation:airguitar
You should add some sound/music


hehehe that’s funny :applause:


Haha, that’s great. Like the gut, he’s kinda let himself go since the old days. :smiley: Nice mocap, except for really checking out little places it’s totally a guy in a suit. The reflection on the building when he walks by is nice too. I was enslaved doing CG for power rangers for a time, so it’s getting me there…heh. That cheesy silver paint and foam they like is tough to make convincing :slight_smile:

Only thing I’d say is the camera is a little distracting, looks like you just used a couple of photos and moved them around? The ‘live’ feel is good and all, it’s just starting to be another cliche of CG, I don’t know if even amateur cameramen zoom and lose focus as often as CG does now :slight_smile: Anyway, that’s another rant.

Great stuff…you should do his further adventures, could see him leaving giant beer cans across the city.


That is really wonderful:) With sound it will be super :slight_smile:


Hahaha, check out those moves! lol. I like your camera work.

W!cked. :scream:


LOL! Laughed my head off! :thumbsup:
Good lighting.


LOL :smiley:
just add an ending and some sound and you’re done.

I wish it wasn’t motion capture :smiley:


NICE :applause:

Needs the first (beegee’s?) song from saturday night feaver!


The animation is great. But I noticed absolutely no movement in the coulds, or any objects in the “real footage” They look alot like still shots? Its very well done. You should add some music.


Nice job!
Tres Belle job, c’est tres drole!



Ultraman kicks ass. what software package is that?


hey thx everyone for your comments. I’m happy you liked it .
for the mocap we used Kaydara’s software “Filmbox”. The 3d was done in sofimage 3.9 and the compositing in shake 2.2.


Nice job.