"The Rescue" Short Film


More stills…(it seems a tad odd / obsessive perhaps to keep posting these stills like this - but you have to realise that the film wont be getting uploaded in high res online due to the fact that I dont have any income, so I try to save money any way I can) (maybe one day I’ll have some money to have a higher quality quicktime of it online)


I love the atmosphere in that tunnelshot! Its creating some tension even without any sound, and thats a good thing! Keep up the good work.


Can’t wait to see the final film. The atmosphere, the style, the restraint - perfect :o)



Thank you Piek, Glad you like it :slight_smile: I think the whole dirt put onto the camera might be a risk…I just hope that it works in the end though.


Thanks!..Glad you like it :slight_smile:

Have done quite a bit more, but am beginning to stress out a tad…it’s the sound / music thats stressing me at the moment…


What a project… amazing… keep on working it’s great :bowdown: 5*


hey Michael

this is really starting to come together nicely! The renders look ace - your knowledge of lighting is really working in all the stills! I quite like the overworked grainy look too. Do you have any playblasts of the chase sequence at all? I can really see this working with some crazy shaky camera angles and cool bonnet-chase cams :bowdown:



Thank you!..and thanks for voting, I’m amazed that the thread seems to now have a rating of four stars…thats never happened to me here at cgtalk. It’s a honour.


Thanks!..yeah theres this clip here online, havn’t uploaded anything else yet, but could do that soon, its all getting really extream with the workload over here at the moment, theres so many shots to do, an awful lot of test rendering and a push each day to try to get a final shot to through into the edit.




I like the moody and atmospheric look! Just a nice balance of B/W and lightplay. Sometimes sets look a little spartan and drawn notice for that, but with just enough action and visual interest going on in the scene, it seems about the right pace!

Reminds me of the 1940s-50s sci-fi movies… where the scientists are racing through the tunnel to get to the hidden spaceship before the army!



Thanks Joe!

Glad you like the clip :slight_smile: …may upload another clip with sound soon. This whole sound business is tricky…I’m currently going with a bit of classical music…but its looking like i’ll have to use two bits of classical music.


A clip with sound :slight_smile:



This is looking really cool. I also like the old time look of the film. Great work on the lighting and fog effect. It’s looking good!



watching this was the coolest part of my birthday, keep up the good work.

It reminded me of a cross between german expressionism and early silent science fiction films.



Thank you, glad you like the scratchy look / dirt on the lens look :slight_smile: I seem to keep altering every shot with the layer of dirt on that, can never get it how I want it or keep changing my mind on it…lol


Thanks!..I’m really happy that you had a good time with the clip
I don’t want to get negative here but I start to really think (at times) “what is the point?”…or…“being an artist is such a ridiculous thing…what possible use is any of this”…but when I hear that somebody loved it, then there suddenly is a point. I think I just look at it far, far too much and well…it’s like what Woody Allen says about how you have a idea…then you set out and make it into a film, but it never quite comes out how you had it in your mind.

I think what also happens is that you get very tired physically and mentally, I also have chronic fatigue syndrome and with that, sadly, depression is one of the symptoms.

I do however like bits of my film, this clip is one of the best bits in the film and also in the music. I do at times get really quite high on making the film and will do a shot that I love to pieces. and ive been getting excited about a new idea for another film that would use the same character.

But…I do realise after viewing a team project of lets say seven people…seven people who are experts in different areas, that you get a far better quality animation…that’s one of the things that saddens me about my projects is that they are by no means technical marvels…and the technical direction has a huge effect on how you can direct your story



don’t try to make films for other animators or for yourself. Do what you can for the fourteen year old nephew that doesn’t read books or your widowed friend who is tired of watching Love Actually by herself for the 11,000 time.

The most envy I have on people who work in this industry comes from the people who get to work on the cool scripts not the highest budgets (although the older I get the more I just want to work on “something”…especially w/ hollywood downsizing everything).


I have to say its both wonderful and [size=2]extremely frustrating working on something like this that has no budget what so ever…the money I can imagine would get to a point where it wouldn’t be a good thing, BUT, at this point…money would come in mighty handy for a few things…lol

Decided to upload what I have so far…


4min 37sec



There’s also a blog where I rattle out how I feel, though it’s a bit all over the place.



It’s now a three part type of a thing…of course, once all the parts are done i’ll through it all together and it’ll be one thing.

Here’s the second part…

THE RESCUE: Part 2 of 3


Cool its coming together nicely. The shot under the massive sphere is really nice.

I’m not sure about the way the thingy is lifted up by the big magnet though, as it moves up on its own and then hits it.

Overwise its looking very nice :slight_smile:


This is looking fantastic and am certain it is going to be up there as 1 of the best animated shorts in my opinion. The style and look of the whole thing is amazing.

Keep up he fantastic work on what I am certain will be a magical piece of animtion.


Your lighting and compositions are really good. This style you have is really refreshing. Add with that the classical music and it really sets a mood. I hope the story is on the same level, because visually its amazing.