The remains which live , keisuke asaba (2D)


Title: The remains which live
Name: keisuke asaba
Country: Japan
Software: Photoshop

Hi,I am still tense because it is the second contribution.

Because he was sealed remains for a long time, a stone and a tree are close together in his body.

Why did you seal it with him?
Who solved a seal?

I entrust you in your imagination now:)

Thank you. arigatou.


Dragon armor…genius! Great rendering also.


so going for an award :beer:


Great composition, Gallery material.


I love your creature designs. Most of all though, I always love the sheer scale of them! Wonderful work.


Hey Keisuke, beautiful work, love it. I also saw your gallery and i really love all of them.




pretty nice work :cool:


Great concept, I love the lighting and the color


Fantastic piece, the creature is amazing o_O


Thank you for a lot of nice comment.

It was good to contribute it.

The next does its best, too.


Very nice concept and lighting!:thumbsup:


Fantastic. I love the colors and the pattern on the dinosaur.

  • Neil


You are truly gifted with an amazingly unique style and rare talent…Great work from you again…:slight_smile:


Wow, this marvelous. Your sense of scale is just awe inspiring.


Love the composition and the depth! Great work!


Hey nice one!
Nice tiling patern. Nice colors too. Nice and very pleasant atmosphere. Very well done.

Omedeto on the front page. You do deserve spots on you.

I went to see your site: tanoshikatta! really! I had a really great moment while visiting your art. Magic!

Keep up


Just Great!nice design:applause::applause:


すごいぞ! o_O
けいすけわ うまい 芸術家 です!


OMG!! How can you make this??? :eek:…really beautiful, Keisuke

I love it !! :thumbsup:



Very very nice, I like how there are two faces on it.