The real level of UI customization?


It’s no news that modo’s UI is really configurable but I’d like to know how far it actually can go:

  1. If I want to, can I create a huge mishmash of subwindows containing certain toolsets and place each of them on their own monitors while main viewports are on one - and more importantly, does modo remember where all those windows are placed after closing and reopening the program?
  2. If I want to change the entire look of modo, including basic GUI element graphics, can this be done? In other words, is modo actually skinnable?
  3. How custom can extra viewports be? Independent rotation/translation/zoom, own shader(s) to lit the object in that current viewport, something else I can’t come up with now? :slight_smile:

4) Okay, this just came to my mind: Can I actually change the whole rendering technology under the hood of modo from OpenGL to DirectX thru SDK or is that too far fetched?


1)Yes. see #3

2)Skinnable is a vague definition. You can make your own icons.

  1. In the image below you can see that addition to the main UI, two floating windows. One contains another Modo UI along with 16 3d perspective views with different rotations as well as shading types.


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