The Queen


Is a digital Queen who take care of the network.I use Maya softwere render andAfter Effects for composition.I hope you liked! All critics and comments are welcome.


I liked it a lot. I think it is a great Piece of art. Beautiful colors and shape. I think it will work well with the contest. Good luck.



Thanks for your positive comments Solid Ahmed! By the way I didit in just one day.I have four layers,one with color,one with motion blur,one with the glow and one with the ray shader.

Thanks again!


Dude it looks beautiful.


Thanks SONIC-X! Iff I have time I will do a biger picture with the network to:) .I mean a more complex composition:thumbsup: .


I like the idea very much and the lighting around the objects are nice!

Execpt that when I zoom in to see the detail, I see those hard edges :frowning:
Like you say the post before me: “Iff I have time I will do a biger picture with the network to:) .I mean a more complex composition” I think you should put your time fixing those hard edges and make this great image to a much better 1 :wink:

But this is only my opinion :wink:

Arnaud Lublink


dubble post :frowning: can’t find the remove post button -.-


lovely! This would look great on my wall as an art piece! great job!


Thanks for the comments!I will do a better render in a big composition.


In my country corruption is almost epidemic, people don’t respect rules or laws. I put my faith in cgsociety prestige and entered this contest.
Watching the last comments made to the published finalists, I ask you to retire all my 26 entries with my finalist too, because I DON’T want to be part of this dirty contest, you can delete my account too.


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