The Princess Of The Dog Mountain(mononoke), Michael See Zheng Xun (2D)


Title: The Princess Of The Dog Mountain(mononoke)
Name: Michael See Zheng Xun
Country: Malaysia
Software: Photoshop

its been awhile since i last posted in the fininshed gallery~a fan art piece actually,been working on it on and off for few weeks,its mainly inspired by the movie itself,since i’m a big fan for miyazaki’s,so here it is.


wow Mike,So funny we post in the same time haha ,as I told you,I ve been waiting for your mononoke for long, and it do come to a great image,ahahaha,congrazt bro , lets show Michaels power:)


:thumbsup: Yeah Michael! Great to see a finished piece, lovely as usual. I love the little creatures on the floor, great lighting and colours in this one. Always a pleasure :slight_smile:


So impressive … I love the movie too … :thumbsup:

I have a small comment about the princess skin color, it would look better if it were brighter.


Great work Michael! I like story about Mononoke very much, also I like your one, with your great style. Congratz


loving it, always thought it was good. 5 stars


nice work dude, i especially like the little caspers and the background trees.

reminds me i still have to watch that mononoke clip, will fix dat during weekend



Good job, environment is so cool!


You never stop to impress :bounce:

Really well done :slight_smile:


wow…i’m going crezzyyyyy.where is mine.T-T.
anyway ur monooke makes me feel good.i do love ur character and the lighting.very nice done.:bounce: :bounce: lovely piece.:thumbsup:


yello,good work but…

1:the little odd figures dont add much to the painting,i have a hard time connecting them to the other parts of the painting.Even if its fan art, they need to be more convincing.

2: the lights on the character isnt quite right, esp the left shoulder.Also the wolf needs to be darker considering the big tree is blocking some of the backgroundlight

3: The character looks flat, her outlines seems to be to sharp, contrasty.

4: the background and the character differ in art technique

Wanted to add som constructive crits, beside the “wows” , its good sofar but it still needs work.


Yeah, this is a really fantastic piece and one of the most beautiful fanart I’ve ever seen, the wolf captures my eyes because it looks so real just like the North American Wolves lolz. A definite favorite!


good works~I like ur painting ,I’ve seen this cartoon movie before,u catch the good mood~keep the good works up~:)


I love it! Princess Mononoke is one of my favorite anime’s and I think you have captured the feeling of the film. Great work :slight_smile:


Nice work, sh@ke! That’s hardly surprising, however. :wink:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Unfortunately I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’ve wanted to do so for a long time.

I really like this piece. The environment is not very detailed but it still works really well. Love those little white characters.

Great job!


me like it a lot… :applause:


I would like to say few words about this work.
First - in my opinion the work, is wery greatly painted but dosn’t says any idea. It looks realisticly but i ask a question is it the destination of the artist?
Second - i look at the girl on the wolf and i see only the girl on the wolf. You should remember the eyes of the princes. i dont think Miyazaki would look at this picture for a long time.

I say, it is to much time wasted.


great piece! Just a pleasant painterly feel, there is so much digital these days. It really brings out the mood or untangible qualities of being in the woods. Makes me want to go hiking.


This is amazing work, some of your best I’d say.