The Princess and the Frog, Jon Bonebrake (2D)


Title: The Princess and the Frog
Name: Jon Bonebrake
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

I was inspired by the Brothers Grimm tale to create a scene from the “Frog Prince”. The princess has been in the fields and forests collecting flowers and putting them in her hair when she came across a large and strange looking frog. I wanted it to be ‘in her imagination’ more so the frog just looks like a frog and no crown or anything silly.

Painted over the course of about 3 weeks, all in Photoshop using a variety of brushes and textures. Used lots and lots of layers and the original is very large. Hand took me awhile and looked in a little mirror beside my desk a lot. Used a friend as reference for woman’s pose. C & C welcome!


Very nice work, i like it :slight_smile:


Stunning work on the fabric, specially the shawl!


holly~mind-boggling fabric details :bowdown:
good job


Nice colours and details, sharp!


looks absolutely amazing…

could you explain how you did the fabric? it looks crazy good


wonderful work! i like light and textures! just amazing! :thumbsup:


Thank you guys so much for your comments! :slight_smile:

Aaron and others who commented on the shawl’s textures for example… here’s a close-up of the shawl.


Ksenia, thanks for commenting on the lighting. I played with the lighting a lot until I liked it. :smiley:


Hey, nice to see another fairy tale illustration!
Beautiful portrait, very soft and nice values and excellent textures on the fabric.
I would prefer a more defined background, or at least a “middle”-ground that provides some sort of identifiable shapes and objects. I think with a bit more attention to the backdrop, this could be my favourite this week :slight_smile:



Beautiful work. The concept, lighting, and rendering are excellent. The only thing I wonder about in terms of crits is the proportion and angle of here hand/arm. Something looks off to me. Otherwise, it is still a great piece. I really like the rendering of her face and hair. Details are really good too!:thumbsup:


you did an awesome job on the lighting and her clothing, and the flowers, and her face looks just beautiful.
i love the mood and all around feel of this painting, it draws me in and makes me want to know the characters.
5 stars from me, good work :slight_smile:


The light processing works very well, very picture of comedy


Very beautiful picture ! Very strong feeling !


Amazing detail! Soft lighting. Very real and you feel drawn into the painting!


Petter - I liked your fairy tale pics in your portfolio :wink: Thanks for the suggestions, I think you’re spot on… developing the background further would definitely add to the piece.

Anthony - I know exactly what you mean… As it were, I decided on the hand being closer to the viewer in a way, but I might have gone overboard a bit with how much the shoulder recedes.

Sherah, Andy, coffee-turtle - Thank you for the encouraging words!!

Maya - <3 your Cindarella pic and your style. :slight_smile:


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