The prayer, Xiao Bing (2D)


Title: The prayer
Name: Xiao Bing
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

I couldn’t see anything,But I could hear…

“Father,please forgive my crime.You lead the right way in early morning, you are my beacon light in the darkness.Although i don’t know either the light of color or the description of brightness.But father,please grant peace and warmth to my heart.Perhaps I will die,but I am not lonely,my little child who never coming into the world, just before me to enter the heaven first…I am bleeding…the pain will be short…
Father,please forgive my crime,please forgive the child.”

Some people are pursuing me, but I have been exhausted.They are seeking me everywhere ,want to hold me, then sell me off.

I feel hurt, I am bleeding…at present, I could see the heaven…my child just died , the trimester of pregnancy, the child never coming into the world…If he could be born,must be lovable, like his father …
Drawn in PhotoShop CS with a Wacom Tablet
original res about 2362x4252.
Use no “photo ref” for the girl,they all from my mind,the hand’s model is mine!Well hope you’ll like it.


The beautiful light and the beautiful girl, have the feeling very much:)


The girl and the immediate foreground are amazing, but the lower background seems a bit soupy. Great job on the rest.


like!with a sorrowful mien


I like your work. Lighting and details are wonderfull!


nice work i like
but the tree and back ground seems to be unnatural:rolleyes:
max from me 5star


Woa, it’s really beautiful! I love the girl’s face, it’s well done, so the expression. I like the dreamy forest too!


This is awesome! The facial expression is very touching. Love the lighting too and all those details. :thumbsup: 5 stars.


I watched the wip process, and I must say the final pic is splendid, and what a sad story ! 5 stars !:applause:


Awesome work!


This is so lovely, amazing atmosphere, lightning and colors. Just can’t get enough watching it. Amazing piece.


hey wow thats class - nothing else to say really except thats class :slight_smile:

You really have done a great piece of work there, and I can see the time you spent in it via the detailing of the character in the face and the flowers around :slight_smile:

Great stuff :slight_smile:



Light effects is great! Good Work…


Wow! I knew it from the moment I saw the thumbnail: this must be a frontpage work! And after now seeing the full image I’m 100% sure! This is top class work! :thumbsup: :scream: Very interesting composition, and a beautiful painted tree! I love the realistic tones of the apples! (it might be a detail, but I like it!)

Lets hope your amazing piece of art will be priding on the frontpage, soon! :applause:


Im don’t have words :eek:
Amazing work :thumbsup: excelent :thumbsup:


Nothing more and nothing less: It is great.

Good work.


i love the story, and the overall image is great!!!:applause: :applause:


I remember the WIP thread, it has turned out so great! 5*


Well, this is great! Lovely atmosphere and nice colors. When i"ve first glipmsed at the pic i thought that there is a mirror and the girl thouching it…
Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Very emotional piece. Wonderfully painted. Great work!