The power of shading.


I whas playing in photoshop and whas trying to shade a face abit. I only have the shadows abit and can´t believe the power of it, this is my first try at creating a character and it looks quite good with only a few shadow tones.

So is that a important aspect of 2d character creation, how about colors?


Good start…get to the highlights and we’ll be talking.
BTW, I think this thread would be better in the 2d WIP section.


Yeah it could belong there, i whas wondering what makes the character? what are the most important aspects that give a sense of depth? Shadows and highlights?


I’d say value is the primary thing to get right. In larger scenes perspective conveys depth too of course.


Being that value, and shading are essentially one in the same in a portrait in the end. Yes I think shading, and value are at the core of what makes good work depict-able, decipherable, and appealing to the eye. A large scene, or any scenery is a little different when looking at value, but unless your drawing a flat toon, yes it’s all about shading.


To be honnest I think it’s the power of suggestion, you shade something to suggest it has volume and specific surface properties. This drawing is a particularly good example I think, because you are suggesting a face but not it’s details. I’m betting that if you work with this and “shade on” you’ll find flaws that you couldn’t see before, because they simply weren’t there. But now more is suggested than actually shown.

Ithink that this can be done with just colours too, if you understaand how they work in real life. As a matter of fact, I’m going to try right now.


I honestly had to try not to put more onto it. I’m quite sure though that if I went a head and detailed it would look a lot worse. All values are at 100 on an 8-bit scale(0.255). You be the judge.


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