The portrait, Luc Bégin (3D)


Title: The portrait
Name: Luc Bégin
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, VRay, ZBrush

Hi all!

Here’s my last creation, my goal was to do a realistic portrait in 3d of a normal perso, and trying to make him look alive.

I think doing cg character is always a challenge it has so many details we have do deal with to make it look real, it’s fascinating how the human body is complex and subtil at the same time.

I did it using 3dsmax, rendered with Vray 1.5 sp4 and I used Hairfarm for the hairs.

Hope you like it.

Here is my wip thread.


amazinh job!
vrayfastsss2 is fantastic!
i loved the model, hair, texture, shader !


No way,this is real ^^


Wow :applause: that is amazing!

Well done, mate!


Unbelievable Shading and Lighting! Totally believe it!! Great work you must share some of this knowledge! :stuck_out_tongue:


great render…looking real


Impressive work Luc.

Nice attention to detail.


Impressive final and your wip thread too. Excellent!



Just as good as the one I saw on Zbrush Central. :smiley:

Very amazing work, stunning! So inspiring.

It’s a new bar I want to try and rise to next semester in school. May not exactly get there but I’ll strive to get close.


Model and render very professional
I like this work


Very nice work mate!
Would love to see your Arnie head like this :buttrock:

  • Ty


Wow, it’s a really great portrait you’ve got there ! You didn’t fall into the annoying too red sss in the ears, your shading is very subtle. And most important in this kind of subject, eyes are extremly realistics. You’ve nicely brake the symmetry on his nose and on his expression.
Really, that’s a fantastic job !!! Beau boulot !!!


front page material!
love the beard and the whole freaking thing…



WOw!!! One of the most realistic portairts i ve ever seen!!! Congrats!! :thumbsup:


undoubtedly :thumbsup: :smiley:


It’s amazing. I’m checking vray for maya after see your model, for a little critique I think the head is a few waxy.


OMG, that’s stupidly real!


Straight to front page and choice gallery with you :deal: .


Wow !! i am impressed … thats one of the Best CG Char i have ever seen

please let us know how you did it. :slight_smile:



wow Awesome character! the best photo realist!