The Place I Had in Mind


So, after I did it in the wrong layout, had to come up with something new.

I’ve grown tired of starring at it for the past four days, so before I do anything stupid to mess it up, here it is.


i like the concept!
btw is he inside the ball glass?


No clue, you can decide that, haha.

I actually did it blindly in portrait style at first, just because I simply entered the pixel size into the wrong area in PS.

Ya, I was pretty ticked at myself, so this ‘globe’ thing was my next big idea to fill up the black space I suppose.


I think it’s looking good. Maybe instead of filling the space with the sphere, which seems like a bit of an afterthought, you could do something different. Perhaps slide the figure to one side and make a different but mirrored image of another person facing him from across the canvas. Jacek’s work often exhibits that “not-quite-symmetry”.

Good Luck


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