The Pinevalley Keeps


The Pinevalley Keeps - It’s been generations after the fall of the first dominion of man, Earth has quickly taken back all that rightfully belonged to her. Deep forests and green valleys cover the land again, free, devoid of the presence of man…almost. A lucky few survived, to set the start to the Second Kingdom of man, put it was unlike the first, it strived for equilibrium.

It all started by the idea of having some huge conical structure amidst a pine forest, after several thumbnails and experiments with shapes and composition I finally came up with this thing.

Is done in Photoshop and it took me about two days, not counting the initial thumbnails I did during last week.


Very nice - drawn with a “free” hand. I like it :scream:
Altough I wish it wouldnt be cropped this way… you could probably show more height in this one. Anyway good luck!


Excellente work You Have done here Matte…

Check Alien Architecture Normal and Leave a comment to know what you think of it.

Again Very Nice and good work…:thumbsup:


great entry, Georgi!
I always dig your brushwork!
I agree, extending it to the top could maybe work pretty well. :slight_smile:


hey amazing work… i like tthe idea and the technique


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