The Piano, Barbara Witkowska (3D)


Really refreshing to see an artist respond in such detail to the comments and questions.

I guess I have just one question. When creating swirls and baroque stuff, because they’re so clean in terms of geometric sweeps and shapes, would you start it off in max, then bring it into zbrush, then back out to max? Or just start inside of zbrush? I’m about to start learning baroque interior stuff see.



OMG. your work is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work.

just a question. how long did it take to render? (sorry if i am repeating the question).


Wow… very detailed. Looks awesome!


Absolutely wonderful Basia!


These images made me comfortable… :slight_smile:


Old school, good rendering.


Kill me now !! :banghead: This is Awesome work, I really love the theme and the colors. They compliment each other extremely well.


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