The Piano, Barbara Witkowska (3D)


Nice details here. The chandeliers are really successfull !


One of the best I’ve seen in a while, or maybe ever; great job man! The work is totally awesome!


Great job… man? :wink:


Wow, its really good. Just wondering how long it took you to do all of that, aprox :wink: (all together - model, textures, post work etc.)
Would love to give give criticism but its definitely beyond my skill level.


Wow, breath taking!


Holy mackerel, this is incredible…this is pretty much a perfect visualization.


Utterly amazing ! I really don’t know what else to say, its pretty much flawless.


Very inspiring work!


very very very very goooood
good luck


Liked your work its awesome can we achieve this result in v-ray for maya ?
and please post some breakups if u can than.


Great lighting:applause:


really nice work. I wonder if the cushion on the piano bench might have been shifted to the right by accident? It looks like it was moved from center. Otherwise the lighting, detail, tone, are sweet!
Well done!


Bardzo ladny render zrobilas, bardzo fotorealistyczne!

Ja jestem student sie ucze 3D w Szwecji. Ale mi jeszcze daleko do tego co ty stwarzasz =)
Pracuje w Maya,a wlasnie teraz probuje zrozumiec jak vray dziala :slight_smile:

Jak dlugo pracujesz jako 3D artist?



Looks fantastic & the lighting is superb.


Beautifully rendered!!
I absolutely love it. :smiley:


wow amazing detailing.
I absolutely love it.


great detail…


Thank you people for all the comments!

nice to meet Evermotion’s fan :slight_smile:

                 [b]=LuxX=[/b] thank you for your appreciation. The transparent piano effect is a matter od postproduction. You won't have such an intensive impression of transparency when you look at the previous (smaller) version where I did remember to fix it :). 
                 [b]Its-all-about-cg[/b] thank you so much! Lightning & composition are my priorities :)
                 [b]AaronFord[/b] I have to admit that VRay is the engine I'm currently used to, but I'm pretty sure, that you can achieve similar effect in Mental Ray too. Just look at the following examples:
                 I'll keep my fingers crossed for your improvements in realistic renderings in Mental Ray! 
                 [b]threedivisionstudios[/b] thanks :) it was just great fun and good opportunity to learn.
                 [b]RasoulValli[/b] thank you very much for kind words. I think that's great CGS gives you motivation to hard work!
                  [b]SuperCoon[/b] wow, that's great you like it!
                 [b]Judge2x[/b] thank you for your comment. I believe that man does't need to be master in sth to has his own impressions about it, need he? I would appreciate your ctiticism very much :). I really would love to tell precisely how long it took me to prepare these visualization, but in fact I had been doing few more works in the meantime so it's very hard to find out now..
                 [b]Kungfuuu[/b] I suppose you can achieve similar result in v-ray for Maya.
                 [b]johnnyringo[/b] thank you very much; as to piano bench cushion - it is centered, but I might have scaled it down a bit by mistake..

                 Some more scene details: sculptures preapared in ZBrush.


Hi Barbara
this work is absolutely stunning!, the level of detail is insane, what piece of music did you end up putting on the piano?

how much time did it take you to complete this? would love to see the breakdowns when you get a chance
cheers Elizabeth


This piece makes my heart melt! The detail is staggering, what a talent you are! :bowdown: