The Piano, Barbara Witkowska (3D)


wow, very detailed work!


Wow… so many details :eek:


This is an amazing piece, outstanding attention to detail. It’s very impressive! How long did it take?

I do think it could be a little warmer, like the photo… deeper in tone with more contrast, less bloom to add some detail in the curtains, less reflection in the piano and darker golds would make it sing imho.

Very nice introduction to cgs, welcome.:applause:


wow man very nice render and good atmosphere, could please tell me the setting u used in gold material?


Nice job modeling and texturing such a complicated scene. I think the lighting is also very strong, and really brings the environment to life.


Nice work … dude


SUPERB, glorious! - You are “The MAX.i.MUM_of_Light&Shape&Texture”!
I see the photo at Portugal – Excelent and hard work; Congratulationssss bazia!

Artur Sá Menezes
( from Brasil - an Ibero&UK’s descendant ) - Facebook: Artur Goodgroves.


Wow… I’m very impressed by the richness of detail and the quality of the lighting. The floor looks truly magnificent, especially the parts where the reflections can be seen.

Very well done!


Fantastic work!!! amazing.


It appears to my eye that the back support of the chairs are floating above the seat cushions.


Brilliant work, very impressive.


做这个有啥意义呢?用软件去模拟自然表现真实的东西还不如去拍张照片来的快,废了老大的劲 搞这么一坨无聊的图!



Congrats!! Excellent in every way. Modeling, lights, shaders… very good work.

Also gives a peaceful mood,…and makes me want to play that piano…

Great instrument, by the way, i think the best of all. :slight_smile:


Thank you for all the comments! As I’ve promised, here you can see hi-res versions of images:

 And here you can find other close ups:
   SebastianJW - thank you, I had great fun sculpting these pieces in ZBrush
   rabieart - thanks :)
   Romanthony - wow, fantastic interpretation!
   ebasta - thanks, I'm really proud that my image has been taken here to this section
   PixelGrade - thanks, they say that lightning and composition plays the biggest role in the final effect
   Neb - thank you, really great to hear it from you
   lechu - Hi, Lechu! Thanks a lot :) 
   coolturens, Giiyom - thanks, it was a lesson in patience to sculpt all these ornaments :)
   johnnyh66 - haha, indeed it took me a while to model this scene :) U think it would be better to warm it up a bit? In my opinion this is rather drawback of the reference photo that it's so warm. There is incorrect white balance on the photo, isn't it? But maybe, in the other hand, I made my image too cool.. I bet it depends on screen.  As to detail in the curtains..I had to choose what to show: cloth or flood of light. Sometimes it's better to leave things imprecise.. Finally I must agree on piano reflections: could be more varied. Anyway, thanks a lot for constructive criticism and nice invitation :)
   lithningblue - thank you, gold material is quite simple:
   For sculptures shaders I also added extra maps to bump slot (usually normal maps) and to refl. glossiness slot (a mix of above-showed map and cavity map prepared in ZBrush) 
   alexichabane  -  thanks! that's what I wanted to achieve
   seNse-3d, artursamenezes, javiermolina - thanks :)
   ykmn - thank you, I put some effort to make the floor looks believable
   Bubbaloo - it's an illusion. Chairs back supports surely are NOT floating above the seat cushions. First they go through cushions before they connect with chairs legs construction. But you are absolutely right, they may look so.  I should have added some AO map there.
   Highelf - Thank you :)
   cserbuj - Thank you very much, nice to read such words. It's the best award to me. Btw, I love the piano too :)


WOW! I am a big fan of evermotion, it’s even more impressive to be granted a closer look in the artist’s work. This scene is just perfect, 100% realistic and even more beautiful than reality.


Looks realy nice… but i was wondering…
why can i see trough the piano when i look at it closely?


Very, very nice! Lighting looks awesome! Compostition pretty nice!


This is the type of work I really want to pursue in 3D. I have a question, could you get such a perfect render in Mental Ray? I try and try, but my renders still look cartoonish, and yours is REAL. I want V-Ray SO BAD but can’t afford it. Absolutely gorgeous!


awesome rendering insane detail cant imagine how long it much have taken to model all that.


great job you did! very nice!
I saw all renders and the real photo too.

In fact, It’s my greatest wish in 3D to win a cgs award and become a cg choise gallery member! I am focusing on a scene and I am tring so hard to reach this. And in this way, I deeply need help of masters like you!

thank you very much.