The Piano, Barbara Witkowska (3D)


Amazing!! wow!


wow, amazing works, nice detal…and simple scene:)


I don’t like at all the “main character” which is the Piano. The reflection should be dark, as we see in this picture:

As seen, the black painted wood gives very dark reflections. Also use the Fresnel options of your engine. Because different angles does not reflect in the same way.
As for the scenario does not know which picture I like better, the real or CG: It’s great.


Thank you all for your comments. I don’t use facebook, kronique :slight_smile:

hi gyptiaedes
I’m really glad you like the scenery of my work. As to the piano I can’t agree with you. There are many ways of finishing it. It can has bright polish, or be matt. Also its glossiness depends on lightning. Take a look at examples below, please:

I’ve chosen the glossy one, cause I thing it suits such rich and ornamental interior better. Of course I did used fresnel reflection with quite high IOR value: 2.
Hope my answer was exhaustive. Anyway, thanks for your comment :slight_smile:



In my view, be considered “professional photos” is not the best to get a good realism. Do not forget that the company StockFresh take pictures and edit, something very common in publicity photos, for example in this picture you can see an increase of exposure and brightness added digitally. Be very discrete about has to be dark or light in a changed image to be real and convincing.
As this image of the same company, you do not know if a photo or created with Realflow with a rendering engine, no doubt the image was retouched (can be digital retouching or just ambient lighting usually false) so it is difficult or impossible to know whether real or CG.

Anyway, the “error” is in any render engine, let it be unbiased or biased. I took the time to ask without having an “eye-CG” also said it is not real, very fake piano.

What I say is just to comment on an advanced level to which you have, maybe I’m wrong but I’m just saying what I said to my eye.
greetings and congratulations on being in the gallery, however my only criticism is to go beyond.


I was curious what is the score that you have added to the piano? :smiley:


Hi jCastile, I have to admit that I haven’t paid much atenttion to the score and I simply don’t remember now… So let it be whatever you think of when look at the image :slight_smile:


really nice modelling, and nice shaders and texturing! :slight_smile:


Great work!! n great detailing(Photo-realistic) as well as great output…congrats Barbara :beer:


Amazing stuff! the whole composition is spot on !! nice work man !!


nice lighting and glass shaders.
the only thing i dont like so much, are the chairbacks sticking inside the pillows.
but the chandeliers are awsome!


awesome work


Really refreshing to see an artist respond in such detail to the comments and questions.

I guess I have just one question. When creating swirls and baroque stuff, because they’re so clean in terms of geometric sweeps and shapes, would you start it off in max, then bring it into zbrush, then back out to max? Or just start inside of zbrush? I’m about to start learning baroque interior stuff see.



OMG. your work is truly inspiring. Keep up the good work.

just a question. how long did it take to render? (sorry if i am repeating the question).


Wow… very detailed. Looks awesome!


Absolutely wonderful Basia!


These images made me comfortable… :slight_smile:


Old school, good rendering.


Kill me now !! :banghead: This is Awesome work, I really love the theme and the colors. They compliment each other extremely well.


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