The Piano, Barbara Witkowska (3D)


Title: The Piano

Name: Barbara Witkowska

Country: Poland

Software: 3ds max Photoshop VRay ZBrush

Submitted: 19th April 2011

I’d like to present a visualization of Queluz National Palace ballroom, Portugal. Scene was prepared for Evermotion Archinteriors 23 collection. It is based on photography (ácio_Queluz_interior_1.JPG).

Whole scene was created in 3ds Max, some more complex details, e.g. caryatids sculpted in ZBrush. Rendered in VRay, with PS post production. Critiques & feedbacks are more than welcome.

Few close ups.

I couldn’t help adding some more details of The Piano :slight_smile:



Really a great model and definetely very good price for such a detailed scene. Everything looks proper executed and the shading and lighting is superb as well. Regarding the original photo, i think the room is a few meters wider than your version, but anyway that’s not a big deal.
Very cool work, I like it a lot:)


This is insane :slight_smile:
Do you have some highres versions of the images as well?


Very detailing, interesting work. Very like it.


Amazing. Im gob smacked!


Nice image !


Freakin’ mind this work :buttrock::buttrock:



wow , the level of detail is awesome :deal:


Wow, it’s awesome detailing. The colors fit in very well.


I absolutely love these types of works with lots of detail. I can tell alot of work and effort has been put into it.
Amazing job!:bounce:


amazing textures or gold colour is very nice :thumbsup:


cool as always Baziu :)…nice attention to details


Thanks for all the warm words.

Destrega - really appreciate your comment. You're right. Proportions of the interior probably are slightly different comparing to the original, now I can see it. I think it may be a matter of ceiling height. 

As my excuse I have to say that architect of this interior had to be a real genius: this ballroom was designed on the plane of five smaller rooms. I think it’s amazing he managed to make it looks perfectly symmetrical. In fact, it isn’t: e.g. look at the top of pilasters on the reference photography. On the hall’s left side they are curved, while on the other - straight. Such a small ‘cheats’ made it really difficult to work out the proportions, so I decided to simplify it a bit.

Pokoy - thanks. If you're patient I'll show hi-res versions of these works. Still I'm afraid it won't be sooner than mid-May, cause I'm having long-awaited holidays till then :)

Alex95, TheKrakan, JBest - thanks, imagine all these baroque ornaments were made in reality, physically! No 'copy', no 'undo'! ;) 

Dan-Cable, OSBOURNE, Arkaiko - thanks guys, I'm glad you like it

Gyarados - indeed it took me a while to model it :) 

Mr-Evil-studio - thanks, I wanted gold to shine a lot.

Edi - thank you, means a lot. I do my best :)


This is beautiful. I can see the great work you put into ZB.


amazing… wow


This is absolutely exquisite. I love it. I can see Mozart making a fool out of Salieri in front of the emperor and company in that room.


At last… I was waiting for this work to appear in this section.
Masterly done indeed.


insane modeling job. The lighting is awsome also. Bravo!


Amazing level of details! Beautiful light and mood. 5*


Bazia U rock :wink: Congrats for Choice Gallery :)))