The Phantom: the ghost who walks, JAOL Jesus A. Olmos (3D)


Title: The Phantom: the ghost who walks
Name: JAOL Jesus A. Olmos
Country: España
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This is a 3d modeling of the Phantom, a superhero of the comic world.
It was modeled with a complete human model.


uf!! excelente! great style. i just love it.


Heyyy!! really nice model!! :applause:


hahahaa ! grat char :smiley: 5*


nice character!& render


The modeling looks great!! My only complaint is that the flesh is too plastic/rubbery.


superbe !



really nice skin shader!!


Wow nice work, i usd to collect the Phantom comic for years when i was a kid.
I think the modeling is excellent but you should have spent more time on the shaders, everything is far too shiny.


Thanks to all.

Well i spent more time to the modeling than the shaders but my idea was to make a character with a touch of comic and a bit of realism.


“a character with a touch of comic”
Yep - I think thats a very precise description! Very well done!


Wonderful job!

As a long time phantom phan (excuse the horrible pun) there are two things that bother me about it, both are quite subjective of me so feel free to ignore.

  1. the skull design on his chest. It was never in the comics, and I dont think it adds anything. Also, I really dont like that particular skull design. it looks wonky to me.

  2. The face. My memory fails me but I have a feeling you based the face off an actor who played the phantom in a tv serial (I remember seeing ads for it at the back of the comic). However, to me the face you have there looks less like a “noble savage” or tarzan sort of character and more like a pickpocket from oliver twist. Maybe its me but i just cant reconcile that face to the mythos of the phantom. My preference would be for a Phantom in the style of Felmang or Lindahl, both were my favorites.

As I said its very subjective crits from me, Ill totally understand if you disagree. And good work and inspiration for a piece, overall I think its a great image (just those niggles).



  1. Yes, you are right, the phantom don´t have the skull but I put the skull because I like it.;D
  2. I´m spanish and i´ve never seen that´s tv serial but i have some comic books like you show us about this hero. The resemblance to the actor in that series would be pure coincidence.


nice work jaol, modelling is very good… i like it so much. felicidades
un buen trabajo jaol felicidades y suerte.


Great Phantom!


Good job on the skin. love the guy



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