"The Periwig Maker"


Hi! This is my version of the main character of “The periwig maker”, designed by Carlos Grangel.

The original…

and my model

some wires…

Critics and sugest will be welcome!


Some reference images of the complete body captured from the short film (The Periwig maker)…

In nexts posts I’ll upload images of the 3d body


youve captured the original well, and the possibilities for expression seem limitless with that model. good work


Very good! It looks just like the original… are you going to animate it :)?

Keep more shots coming :slight_smile:


dam cool… keep it comming, I would like to see an animation with this. The hair looks nice too


that model is looking fantastic so far, man. very cool. i’ll look forward to seeing it completed. would be fun to animate as well.


man, I really love that style… model looks awesome too… good job… remind me to come back for the body :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhhhh SJames your avatar is giving me seizures :wink:

anyhow the model is looking good! reminds me of johnny depp in edward scissorhands a little


Man thats awesome how far are you going to go with this?


Thx for your comments! At the first a lot of apologies for my bad english. My pourpouse is to animate a short scene with him. The render is the beta of turtle. Now I’m modelling the body:

Coming soon new updates!


Great work, looks awesome so far.

Nice attention to detail.


Another update of the Body


how do i make a signature pic i made 3d.


looks really good, i hope you can make the cloth look like the original ( the texture ).
the dent in his upper lip is a bit deep i think, make him look like he just ate a lemon.
instead of the more suprised look the original character has.


looking realy good for now…
keep goin:thumbsup:


Thanx to all for the answers!! for long time that it did not update this post now I am going to try to finish it. I have added the hands, and I am beginning to texture the clothes. Thx for the comments!


looks great man, he’d be awesome to animate, good luck!


Thx BlackNull, when finish the texturing we will make the setup to animate them.:bounce:


looking great ,waiting for animations :bounce:


Thx for the comments!! I post a update of the texture , the next step is the setup of the character. I will try to post the wip of the setup. I want to thank for all the good words that I have received. Critics & Comments!