the perfect storm, benoit Patterlini (3D)


Title: the perfect storm
Name: benoit Patterlini
Country: France
Software: Lightwave 3D

this is my new one. I wanted to create a offshore 3d scene with alienchips and boats.
The water was the main important character in this artwork.
I hope you’ll like it.


looks great scene


Yup, rlly good looking scene!


Excellent! Really well done man! How did you go about creating the water?


I created water with texture map on 3d model with displacement map.
For the “foam” I created 3d particules with lightwave and collision with alienships.
that all dude


alot of memory here we talking about :rolleyes:
nice work


very nice :slight_smile:


Very nice,compositing and colors,looks like a oil painting,nice image!


nice render and how many hours need for render?


for the render I created severals layers with boats and alienships, i think about 2 hours for a layer.


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