The Pale Voice, Linda Bergkvist (2D)


It’s very beautiful.


Hi Linda,
All the images you have been posting are fantastic. If you have a “best of” book coming out let us know.


It’s a nice illustration and all, beautifull technique. It’s very litteral though and not really interesting. I mean, don’t you want more than mere illustration? Yeah, it’s great and it’d make a very nice fantasy card or a book cover but that’s about it. It just ends, you know? It’s sort of empty. Oh there’s lots of emotion depicted but again, it’s illustrated, not felt, not even close.

The way to make this better would be to remove the slavish litteralism and start putting real emotions, real terror and fear, anger and hate, on your digital canvas. Otherwise you just have this tiresome illustration that pretends to have emotional content but is really empty.

Technique is a trap many fall into, they mistake verisimilatude for talent and dull illustration for inspriation. It’s sad. Give me Harvey Finster any day over this. Where’s the electricy? What is there to engage the viewer? How about some brush work? God I miss that! Something, anything, that would show a human touched this dead and lifeless painting. Or color! You know you don’t have to ape nature right? Your colors don’t have to be utterly realistic. The options are so wide and varied simply in the use of color and it can carry so much with it, it’s such a same not to hear them sing! But this painting, like the boy, has been bound and gaged, chained to a simplistic depiction of reality, or what the eye might see if we were there. As if that is all art can be.



I’d have to disagree with you about not expressing emotion, I feel that she was actually very successful in capturing the subtleties that give artwork that spark. Also your “critique” comes off more as a complaint instead of being constructive.

Your criticism could be applied to pretty much any picture ever made. More emotion, not so literal and better color. What does that mean specifically in terms of this work? Should the colors be warmer, cooler, more contrasting?

You are correct in that style is what makes something art more than technique, and if you look at Linda’s body of work, she does in fact have a style and this picture is in keeping with it. A lot of people are in fact fans of her style. She might have a tighter style than say Picasso, but so is Sergeant’s, it doesn’t make it too literal. This of course is just my opinion, but in the future do try and be more respectful and constructive of the specific work you are critiqueing and not just venting vague frustrations with computer art.



it’s a fantastic work, so artistic and so technic too,

congratulation you are one of the best cg-illustrators in the world!


Great work!:thumbsup:


You know, I got to hand it to you Linda, this image is really fantastic. I love your work. You make me think of some of the great pieces of Italian rennaisance painting - I live in Italy and I am surrounded! - The thing I like about your work is that edges are there when you need them to define the subject, and they aren’t there when you only need to suggest. There is order to your focus in the detail and light. The thing that drives me crazy in this piece is the warm light on the material that moves to cool shadow as you move in the folds - and the transparencies - calm down, calm down. The detail in the drapery, where the tracing comes out, just enough. Setting up the drapery is what any old master would do, and never could spend enough time doing it (have you ever seen leonardo sketches in pastel of drapery? And the story fits, and adds, which is not usual. So many stories take away. Maybe it’s the way you tell it … right title. I wish you included a close up of the lower section, I can’t stop looking at it. The less considered parts can be rewarding, they play with the other areas and set them off. The way the drapery finishes is masterful, and disappears at the feet in so many folds. The very subtle echo of the figure rising adds spirit. The softly lit hands over the cool shadows of the drapery sets them off, right out to us. I look forward to seeing more.

The very best to you!


Yours work are spectacular! :eek:
Realy emotional! :thumbsup:


Exquisitely lit, and beautifully realized. I think in this composition, the fabric is what draws the eye, and had you spent a lot of time detailing the face, our attention would be split. As it is, there is a perfect, still harmony, and the eye travels sublimely over the folds and delicate translucencies. I sigh with envy but delight in the creation.



it looks like a oil painting,very real,beautiful!


my goodness,didnt notice when u did this one but it turn out just incredible.:slight_smile:


great work linda it look perfect :thumbsup:


The lighting, and the subtlety of detail in the fabrics is just amazing!!! Beautiful work!!


This work I also like very much, the person skin is very delicate, the clothes texture is very good~~~


That’s very nice Linda
I’m interested in your designs they are incredible


simply AMAZING!


very good picture! I like your works!


Thats incredible! The cloth is so realistic and the figure striking. She has beatiful purple eyes, it just all blends together so well. Amazing! Look forward to seeing more from you!


really astonishing art
with my all greeting


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